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Home / GOAL: Camara bicycle kick puts Montreal up | Portland Timbers vs Montreal Impact

GOAL: Camara bicycle kick puts Montreal up | Portland Timbers vs Montreal Impact

Goal! Portland Timbers 0, Montreal Impact 1. Hassoun Camara (Montreal Impact) right footed shot from the center of the box to the bottom left corner. Subscri…
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  1. You should have heard the french commentators for montreal they went nuts

  2. The commentators: Meh, just a bicycle. Pretty good effort…

  3. 0:14 Sandro.. <3

  4. Sebastian Enrique Diaz Gutierrez

    Hassoun tu es une légende! #IMFC

  5. yee budddy! Go Impact Go!

  6. Better goals than the premier league

  7. 1:05 uhm what? no chance? are you kidding? the ball was moving so slow, an
    easy diving save from any keeper even if just to parry it away

  8. wow the commentators SUCK


  10. sick goal

  11. I don’t know what team you support, but in Portland its Rose City til’ I
    die. I would stop watching games on TV if the commentators (John Strong and
    Robbie Earle) cheered on the other team.

  12. Nicolas Calderón

    Commentators dont suck, they are just paid to be biased.

  13. Why do people who hate MLS always say the commentators suck. Who cares
    about the comentators. Because the goal was nice you had to find a way to
    bring MLS down. Commentators are in everysport and why should they matter,
    especially in the MLS. Good or not.

  14. That foul was bs

  15. I know but they should still show a bit of emotion over a beautiful goal
    like this.

  16. Im not saying cheer on the other team, just show some emotion at least when
    there’s an amazing goal like this one.

  17. ouuuuuuuuuuuu ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu hahahahaa

  18. Roderick Rodriguez

    Damn rickets really suck

  19. Yeah, MLS doesn’t have many NEUTRAL commentators, they’re always some
    teams’ own commentators.

  20. super goal, MLS is getting really good 😀

  21. Haven’t they always tho?

  22. Not really. If you even saw the game, he made incredible saves.

  23. Actually, you’re wrong. I follow MLS quite a bit and I’m not bringing down
    MLS at all. I never said “these commentators suck because it’s MLS”, no I
    simply stated the fact that the commentators suck. And they do. Even you
    have to admit that. It’s a shame that the only very good commentators in
    MLS are English – Arlo White, Luke Wileman – I would love to see a NEUTRAL
    commentator that is American/Canadian. The team’s own commentators only get
    excited for their own team, and they shouldn’t. Period

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