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GOAL Koevermans give Toronto their first points of the season

GOAL Koevermans give Toronto their first points of the season

Danny Koevermans snaps Toronto FC’s losing run to give the Canadian club their first win. Subscribe to our channel for more soccer content: http://www.youtub…
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  1. Toronto win, juts this.

  2. gross. but a win is a win.

  3. Toronto fans deserve more of this.

  4. omg LOL that goal was ugly as hell !!! PHI fail at 0:07 , 0:10 , 0:16 , lol
    every goal count, at least they end their mysery πŸ˜›

  5. Used to play for my favorite club PSV, Netherlands πŸ™‚ Danny, we miss u πŸ™

  6. fuck you americans. usa my ass.

  7. Boo Union you guys suck just couldn’t keep the streak going.

  8. my first soccer coach once told me, “it doesn’t have to look pretty, it
    just has to work.”

  9. danny the koef!!!!!!!!!

  10. @BronzeEwe Maybe. Just maybe, if the US loved soccer just the same as
    europe does, then the mla wouldn’t be a bad league.

  11. @ThooSuu Relax kid

  12. im a columbus crew fan but i was in attendance for the MLS all star game
    when it was in BMO field. i feel really happy for the TFC fans since they
    stuck behind their team the whole way until now. id say (after columbus
    obviously) toronto are my favorite supporters in MLS

  13. of course a madrid fan would think that

  14. AHAHA Usa is only made up of foreign players. You have +300 Million people
    and you can’t stack up to any European team and you guys are definitely not
    10 times better than us.

  15. Finally a Crew fan with class.


  17. Poor defending, poor goalkeeping, ugly sequence, ugly goal…what can you
    expect from the worst teams in MLS !!! XD

  18. Scrappiest goal I ever saw πŸ˜€

  19. Winning is winning, doesnt matter how the goal was. And if the defending
    was bad or the keeping, why did we not get scored on. No logic in your

  20. fuck you man.

  21. Good to see Toronto get their first win

  22. Inconseethebilletee

    WOrst football sequence in the history of professional soccer

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