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HIGHLIGHTS: Chelsea 2-1 City EDS

Highlights from City’s EDS latest fixture where they travelled to Chelsea in the U21 Barclay’s Premier League. Goalscorer for City was Jordy Hiwula. Subscrib…

Crazy Chelsea fans are celebrating their teams victory in the Champions League final against Bayern in front of the Rathaus in Munich. I filmed it with my Sa…
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  1. k thanks

  2. first of all, its sound bettar as football than soccer,4:43 when messi hit the ball, villa is not behind the last player of the opposite team,so its not offside. just wiki it u will learn better

  3. Do normal man

  4. Fernando Sagastume Chinchilla

    VISCA BARCA !! No. 1 forever !!!!

  5. 00:53 Fore five sexy ones ??

  6. best passing team in the world! 4eva!


  8. soo much quality in the barcelona team. . . its frisking ridiculous
    and I’m an arsenal fan

  9. From wikipedia (quoted plus some additions) : “offside is judged at the time the ball is touched or played by a team-mate (means: WHEN THE PASS WAS MADE), NOT when the player receives the ball. So it is possible for a player to receive the ball significantly past the second-to-last defender, or even the last defender (typically the goalkeeper)”. And the name of the game is football.

  10. HEY GUYS CAN ANYONE PLZ TELL ME HAOW AT 4:43 THAT ISNT A OFFSIDE. Yeah im kinda new to soccer so thanks

  11. hahaha dude im sure your not going to hell. saying fuck you asshole

  12. Insideviewanimator

    hi i’m a guy with religion, that says our god is love. let’s kill those other people with religion who think almost the same.

  13. barcelona is a great team but a major reason why they and madrid stand out so much is because they play in a shit league. la liga really is a league of two.

  14. MasterFootballSoccer

    So boring to watch

  15. Messi!

  16. why the fuck you that matter jackass? I appreciate a good soccer/football game as much as any european, asian, african, or south american person. Everyone can learn from barcelona, but a lot of people also hate barcelona. Not just americans, or even because they are americans. Oh btw, americans is so vague, it could mean canada, mexico, or united states.

  17. 733 people are americans

  18. Barca nd Messi besttt everrrr. . . . Visca el Barca

  19. FC Barcelona- Most beautiful football play ever

  20. messi is the best

  21. real madrid dislikes this:(

  22. the best seson 2010/11 of Pedro. . .

  23. so tiki taka is boring ??? this is most amazing football

  24. this guy literally got every chelsea players name wrong.lazy!!

  25. “Martin Christiansen”?! Fucking hell.

  26. *Andreas Christensen

  27. 1:30 Yaya ?

  28. I was there

  29. I know the commentator was shite but in fairness it was a great team move

  30. #9 chelsea is feruz not kiwomya

  31. we are in second last of the u21 league lol. So much talent tho

  32. awesome

  33. The Chelsea I’m a Chelsea supporter

  34. They just wanted to sound cooler I think 😛

  35. Goal of the game ? so an overhead cross is just run of the mill then .

  36. Mad how they said city goal was the best -.-

  37. Elite development squad

  38. Why are they called EDS. And not u21’s?

  39. Ake is sick

  40. Ake class player

  41. KTBFFH

  42. 0.43 his name is Islam Feruz lol

  43. up the blues

  44. elite develoment squad i think

  45. Elite Development Squad

  46. What means “EDS”?

  47. #9 for chelsea is Islam Feruz, not alex kiwomya.

  48. Ake u beast

  49. Yuditya El Azulgrana

    keren banget

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