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HIGHLIGHTS: Columbus Crew vs Toronto FC, August 22, 2012

The Trillium Cup continues in Columbus as the Crew host Toronto FC. Subscribe to our channel for more soccer content:…

Live Streaming Online Toronto FC vs Chicago Click Here On Wednesday 12 September 2012 Major League Soccer Toronto FC vs Ch…
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  1. DarthCricketMan567


  2. hahha dude i was typing it wrong haha at least you knew what i was talking
    about… this is why you dont type and talk to someone at the same time lol

  3. Man…..Toronto is just awful…..worst defense I’ve ever seen

  4. columbes isnt any better and at least Toronto have fans at there games 😉

  5. i honestly wasnt paying attention when i was writing, wow your a real nice
    guy if it was some asshole he would say something like ” go back to school
    and learn how to spell dumbass” lol

  6. -_- couch really I thought somebody would get the joke a couch is furniture
    a coach is a mentor.

  7. After MLS hits 20 teams, it needs to stop the expansion and begin the
    RELOCATION. Columbus’ crowds are absolutely pathetic. The Crew and Chivas
    USA should be the first to move!


  9. This game was rescheduled from a saturday game because of Kirk Urso’s
    funeral. I’m sure it was much worse because it was rescheduled to a weekday

  10. 6:11. oh shit

  11. was thinking same thing

  12. i think its safe to say that tfc is what they always were…. A FUCKING

  13. T’rono sucks big time!

  14. What’s with the crowd? Was there a Ohio State game going on or something?

  15. It’s a spelling error it’s not like I’ve never made one or anything.

  16. IKR

  17. As a Galaxy fan, it pains me to say we got eliminated from CCL by this
    awful Toronto side.

  18. TFC defense is sheeee-it!

  19. A MASSIVE win brings the Trillium Cup back to C-bus! Go Crew!

  20. Toronto has taken the term “Cup team” to a whole new level

  21. How many times will they say unselfish in a game….

  22. New couch, the last thing they need is to be sitting around all day instead
    of practicing. ‘Now a new coach, that’s a different story

  23. Gaven, Higuian, and Arieta together are boss.

  24. Ya I know you knew how to spell it you probably just read me and his
    comment and thought we were spelling it right

  25. still better than dallas and rapids.

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