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HIGHLIGHTS: Columbus Crew vs Toronto FC

The Columbus Crew and Toronto FC meet in the third Trillium Cup match of the season when the clubs face off Saturday evening at Crew Stadium with both needin…


  1. Oh baby! lol

  2. LouisIJmuiden0255

    Go Crew! Greets from the Netherlands

  3. Actually, we had Bro Hymn as our goal song a year before Houston. Also, we
    use the actual song, while Dynamo has a case of “Chicago Syndrome” and
    changed the chanting (that comes from the Nordecke, not the speakers, btw)
    to “Dy-na-mo”, which most would say is cheesier than using this overused
    song anyway.


  5. This gives me hope for Columbus. Rally hard boys.

  6. Bendik is Toronto’s season MVP. The rest of the team is just an eyesore

  7. Toronto desperately needs a star. Do they even have a DP?

  8. at last enthusiastic commentators .

  9. GO CREW

  10. Damn. Higuain has been playing very very well! Great finish!

  11. Yeah they are lol

  12. best chip ever

  13. oduro desperatley wants a national team call i think…

  14. Jesus Toronto had like no highlights in this game, they sucked. Their
    goalkeeper performed well, however.

  15. If Toronto could just build a defense worth more than shit around Bendik,
    they’d have a good back 5. Bendik’s going to be a really good keeper.

  16. The song is not just the “Dynamo goal song”. Look it up, it’s called ‘Bro
    Hymn’; a lot of teams use this song in the past and present.

  17. Winning goal of the week again for sure

  18. What a bad goalkeeper on the second goal.

  19. next. one

  20. Looked to me like Columbus could’ve had a few more if they (off the ball)
    would’ve kept on running into the six.

  21. Jesus the toronto defenders need to stop watching the game

  22. What a chip!

  23. Good commentator by the way

  24. aboudedoesvideogames

    Wow what a chip by fed hig

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