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Home / HIGHLIGHTS: Montreal Impact vs New York Red Bulls, July 28th, 2012

HIGHLIGHTS: Montreal Impact vs New York Red Bulls, July 28th, 2012

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kalamoun playing soccer in montreal

kalamoun playing soccer in montreal.
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  1. I preferred their maroon coloured jersey.

  2. Allez Montreaaal

  3. A Canadian team with Nesta and Di Vaio, but yeah…bad day for NY’s defence.

  4. I enjoyed this match so much, Montreal played well, di vaio first mls goal,
    nesta first game. Well done Montreal and I’m a red bull fan.

  5. Welcome to Montreal, Canada MLS. Real quality players and club building to
    win. Forza Nesta Forza DiVaio!

  6. omg -.- reporter said Nesta Italian international and Henry French
    International. she thinks its 2006… EX-International smh

  7. its crazyy there is no offside foul in usa??its clearly offside

  8. canada didnt beat usa they beat panama and yes usa lose to Jamaica lol

  9. does that commentator have any other words in his vocabulary besides the
    word time? gets paid just to say ‘time and time again’. Seems like an easy

  10. MLS all stars 3-2 Chelsea

  11. still doesnt give them a reason to play like high school students

  12. I was there

  13. Well henry enjoys playing in the Mls lol


  15. Montreal Impact = Manchester City of MLS

  16. I love Mtl Impact , buy Mapp sucks !

  17. Well that was disappointing 🙁

  18. Finally Montreal looks Good , now we are a hard team to play against with
    NESTA , DI VAIO , RIVAS , FERRARI and all the underdogs with mapp wenger
    and of course notre capitaine nationale BERNIER

  19. Canada and usmnt played a friendly and drew. Woah, usa lost to jamaica?
    when? 😀

  20. Good to see that Montreal, is the real deal

  21. This football/soccer is so slow paced wtf. Watch Barclays premier league
    and see what its suppose to be like

  22. haha must be hard for you’re fat cowboy ego haha in your teeth!

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