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HIGHLIGHTS: Montreal Impact vs Sporting Kansas City, July 4th, 2012

Sporting Kansas City head to Stade Saputo to take on the struggling Montreal Impact Subscribe to our channel for more soccer content:…
Video Rating: 3 / 5 : Usa North American Soccer League Montreal [1-0] Carolina.


  1. FreightlinerFred

    They’re both great spirited footballers, that’s why they’re both long running captains at two of one of the worlds best football clubs.

  2. FreightlinerFred

    That’s subjective, he’s definitely one of the best though.

  3. ProbablyCoolerThanU

    stating a fact

  4. u lie ?

  5. just another unobjective četnik or man u fan

  6. Scarf – Odysee

  7. Music?

  8. Seriously ?

  9. He’s my cousin!

  10. quickgunmurugan8

    jt is a legend . vidic might be gud bt john is on another level
    he is a fighter he has nevr given up a great spirited futboller

  11. Avenged Sevenfold

    fuck you and fuck ggmu

  12. best defender in this wotld

  13. Fuck yourself you manc!

  14. Most overrated player in history of football,

    overrated like most english players

  15. How r u so sure Vidic would be the best def if he is not injured? Vidic is a stopper alright, but only with his big body and good timing cheat and ref don’t see it. I just wonder if man u spending money on ref instead of player. I like Vidic but he is totally not the best.

  16. italyvideogame4ever


  17. guys,look at terry’s defensive skills his ability to score and his ability to never give up and have no fear for anyone whatsoever throwing himself infront of every ball. some people try to bring him down cuz of the things he does in his private live.
    id say look at the all time greats like mike tyson and maradonna they all had theyre problems but at the end of the day they are the best just like terry. peace

  18. lol. Vidic is FAR superior to Terry, why did he make world XI at the last Ballon D’or while Terry didnt? Vidic is the best in the world, however not this season due to the fact he has been injured, the best this season was Thiago Silva.

  19. what thee fock??????

  20. maybe but he left the team in 10 for a most of game. chelsea has won ok but. .

  21. u mad?


  23. smithyweremanjanson

    Even though I’m a Liverpool supporter I agree that John Terry is great defender. Great song too btw. 

  24. i admit that but he is the best in his part of the soccer field

  25. The better team lost today. SKC didn’t play very well.

  26. maaaan whats up with their attendance? Looks like a baseball game..

  27. It’s easy to feel bad for Montreal, but those did were two penalties.
    Bernier did get his arm to the ball even though it was just a slight touch,
    and Arnaud totally pulled down the SKC runner. Even the announcers for
    Montreal realized they were fair penalties. Enough bs about blaming the
    refs now, c’mon.

  28. I love the MLS but I’m getting sick and tired of these refs. It wasn’t
    always this bad.

  29. good job skc 😉 TFC fan

  30. imbécile d’arbitre vas te pendre connard

  31. first one, fine its off his arm but pretty weak PK… second one was just
    stupid… from a Portland Fan

  32. these referees are fucking stupid

  33. FUCK YOU REF !

  34. Even if ONE of the PKs were to be reconsindered, KC still wins 2-1 with
    Peterson’s goal.

  35. Ha he said shank

  36. You all are obviously biased. Those were two legit penalties. Handball was
    CLEAR in the first one and if you saw the entire game,you would’ve seen
    Davy Arnaud push and pull the ENTIRE game. The ref warned him multiple
    times to stop, he didn’t. So he got a consequence like he should’ve. If he
    listened, it probably wouldn’t have been called. The ref was tired of it.
    Two FABULOUS calls by the referee.

  37. les ultras toujours aussi présent !

  38. i think the decision are… technically okay… BUT timing was terrible the
    non-calls on the other side many offside being really onside (not in this
    clip) was really building a nice reservoir of oil, add fire and you got
    this… mtl dominated the game until the 2 bs ps. 🙂

  39. Will people quit complainign about the refs, a hand in the box is a
    penalty, pushing a player down in the box is a penalty, don’t make the
    referee the scape-goat for your teams mistakes.

  40. They usually don’t call it because it’s in the scrum…this was completely
    outside of the scrum, and directly in front of the referee, who was looking
    there in the first place. Bear hug in the box that takes down an attacking
    player, after you have been warned multiple times during the match, it’s a
    PK. if arnaud had not have put as much emphasis on holding him back and
    smothering him, you are right, no PK awarded…same if he had done it
    farther in the scrum.

  41. like and dislike bar fail. on my screen it says 5 like, 3 dislikes

  42. You got to be kidding

  43. Can we go back to the NASL. I miss the refereeing we had back then. What an
    absolutely DISGRACEFUL performance from the referee.

  44. futebolista fã da América

    That first penalty was a week penalty. The second one isn’t called in most
    competitive matches because of the physicality of set pieces. These MLS
    refs are horrible. They don’t call offside when players are clearly offside
    and score a goal (New England v Seattle). They disallow goals that are
    scored (2 weeks in a row for Chicago). Terrible league. I was just starting
    to like it.

  45. if its an unintentional handball, then it doesn’t warrant a penalty

  46. 7:17 look at the guy in the grey shirt in the stands, lol!!!

  47. SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Montreal.

  48. this was honestly one of the best refs I’ve seen in mls. Even if some of
    his calls were bad (most were spot on) he was EVEN. if he called something
    on Montreal, he would call on kc. The 2nd pk is usually not called… IT
    SHOULD BE! Arnaud was pushing and pulling all game. And 1st pk… Duh. Hand
    ball. Hope to see more of this ref. he was FAIR.

  49. 2 very very bad penalty . Not one , but 2 penalty against Montreal .Its a
    shame ! You can’t do that in a game. The first penalty was giving after the
    moment where all the KC player begin to cried after the ref and the second
    one is because of a contact with Arnaud and a KC player on a corner but its
    always like that in MLS .

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