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HIGHLIGHTS: Philadelphia Union vs Toronto FC

Two teams, both at that start of new managerial eras, battle it out at PPL Park as the Philadelphia Union hosts Toronto FC. Subscribe to our channel for more…
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Orlando City Soccer Club Vs. Toronto F.C. (Disney Pro Soccer Classic) Goal Celebration

Orlando City with the only goal of the game. This is their celebration…
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  2. Not denying Freddy is good, but when Klinnsman can pick from clint,
    donovan, gomes, adu, wondolowski. Just don’t know if there is room.

  3. Inconseethebilletee

    Immaculant…idiot annoucer

  4. I have been a Philadelphia Eagles & Phillies fan pretty much since birth…
    but I have had more fun watching the Union in the past month than I have
    watching any other sport in the past few years! DOOOOOOOOP!

  5. fuck yourself bitch.

  6. i was thinking the same thing but all of the teams in the lower league are
    10x worse than Tornto FC.

  7. JSmugglers AKA YellowTeeth AKA KungFuManiac

    Fuck TFC!! They defend like garbage!!

  8. 🙁 though lost for the reds

  9. atleast we dont dive

  10. I was there 2nd row go union Doopdoopdoop

  11. Toronto is soo bad!

  12. Union¡!!!!!!!!

  13. Greetings….yes many want prom/rel but it’s too early. MLS was kinda close
    to folding just ten years ago. It has good attendance but terrible TV
    ratings. Instead, we’re doing the typical American thing where instead of
    worrying about relegation, it’s ALL about getting into the playoffs, then
    anyone (like Colorado 2010 – good but not the best team) can win. But if
    you can’t get into the playoffs, nothing will EVER happen for your team.
    It’s different but there IS pressure to get 2 playoffs

  14. Those who doubt Adu’s skill are hating. He clearly has the skill, but
    nobody believes his potential.

  15. What about the Eagles? I loved it Michael Vick’s comeback season. And the
    year we beat the Cowgirls 44-6? (:

  16. Christopher Reicher

    Freddy Adu is a ball hog. He could have gaven the Union a goal at the
    beginning by passing

  17. Adu could out play Edu any day of the week. we need Adu’s playmaking ability

  18. Man the analyst on this was pretty bad. He called Freddy Adu “Eddie,
    Freddie” twice in a row. Then I’m pretty sure he called Jack Mac
    “JackInerney” which I guess could be a new nickname for him

  19. Arriba Gavilan Gomez!!! Aguante Union!!!

  20. They should have Edu’s celebration in FIFA 13

  21. jesus Freddy, imbrace your inner Dennis Bergkamp why don’t you


  23. wow i didn’t know the mls didn’t have relegation. thats pretty dumb. There
    are some teams in the division directly under this one that are much better
    than toronto

  24. i was at the game and i think i did

  25. I wish there were room for both Freddy Adu and Eddie Johnson because
    they’re fast and they’re good passers.

  26. GO CITY! Taking down those MLS teams!

  27. Jeff Leadbeater II

    I was over at the concession stand when this goal happened. They had an
    opening in the security barriers, and I almost accidentally ran onto the
    pitch. xD 1 Austin fan on the like/dislike, BTW.

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