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Home / HIGHLIGHTS: San Jose Earthquakes vs Toronto FC | May 8, 2013

HIGHLIGHTS: San Jose Earthquakes vs Toronto FC | May 8, 2013

The 2012 Supporters Shield winners take on the new look Reds when Toronto FC travels to Buck Shaw Stadium in San Jose. Subscribe to our channel for more socc…

Yuri Elkaim takes the University of Toronto men’s soccer team through a 10-min dynamic warm-up.
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  1. San Jose stadium looks pretty cool during the evening. And I think San Jose has one of the best fans of the MLS. Good game, respect from the Netherlands 🙂

  2. Im from germany and i just Love this league

  3. Love MLS from uk

  4. In case you didn’t know, Jahn probably won’t be playing tomorrow due the injury he sustained in this match.

  5. André O'Sullivan

    american commentator- martinez SHOOTS! JUST WIIIDDDEEE! (goes out for a throw-in)

  6. Mike Elvisjagger AbdoulJabbar

    awsome match! greetz from an German Portland supporter 🙂

  7. Im a celtic supporter and I found this video and the MLS is a really good league O.o


  9. Dude in the interview he said that he got a dead leg from getting kicked not hyperextending. you can see his quad getting hit

  10. Sebastian Babicz

    nice dive jahn!

  11. San Jose is coming up son, LA better watch out

  12. Carlos Gutierrez


  13. seems like walter martinez is very fundamental

  14. Quakes are classless? Classless is what beckham did by kicking the ball at Cronin then fighting with the mascot after the game! Some “world class player” beckham’s only famous ’cause of his wife and he’s a model that’s it not ’cause he’s a real player ’cause he isnt

  15. How is getting your leg hyper-extended by an opponent, “feinting” an injury? LOL, LA fan. If seeing Beckham do that is a great moment, then that’s all need to be said about LA fans.

  16. Uh… are you talking about the Jahn injury? He actually got kicked right in the leg. Lol LA trash.

  17. San Jose faking injuries at the end. These guys are classless. Every time they have a lead at the end, the go down crying. Beckham kicking the ball at Sam Cronin was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

  18. goonies never say die

  19. Follow @BPLandMLS on twitter fot EPL and MLS updates from the UK

  20. Do you realize this is his 3rd time being a commentator

  21. Is it me or are Wondolowski’s goal celebration pretty retarded for someone who scores so much… looks like a dumb gorilla every time he scores.

  22. was going to say just that lol

  23. Richter made Henry look like an idiot on both goals

  24. worst attempt at a tackle by Torontos’ #2 haha

  25. pillow feet strikes again

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  28. The donkey kicks in this I think are pointless, dropping to the floor and holding a static pose drops heart rate, there are other exercises you can do to work those muscles. But hey, this is just advice….

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  30. why isn’t it possible that you could damage a muscle while doing this

  31. my legs are so sore after this past week’s game, didn’t do enough obviously lol

  32. dynamic stretching before, static after..

  33. what are the names of this warmups?

  34. Very similar to some track warm ups I’ve seen. focusing a lot on getting the hip flexors nice and loose.

  35. nice one…lets go!!!!

  36. awsome dynamic warmup…would like to see some donkey kicks in there

  37. I had an torn anterior wrapper but i didn;t know it with this excersises before playing the game i have played by 6 matchs totally 540 minutes. Really without this excersises it didn;t could helped. You can use it before a game or training. After a time this will get so easy for you but you get such a strong legs. I have been operated know and i will use this excersises for my whole live long. THANK YOU

  38. thank you mr know it all..leeroy…..failure

  39. This warm up is just used to get the muscles warmed up and ready. Hint why it’s called a “Warm Up”.

  40. As the guy said in the video. This is used to get a team ready before a practice. He never said anything about using this kind of warm up before a game.

  41. thi ids judt gay.

    look u wanna do something then go out and do it. dont need some “footballer” to tell u how to do it.

  42. A bit concerned that after the initial phase to get everybody moving he resorts to slowing down and basically statically stretching. He should have got the ball involved a lot quicker.I am a Licensed coach.

  43. Excellent dynamic stretching exercises….This is done BEFORE you do any ball exercises to prevent injury…wether it is static or dynamic…It does not replace ball warm ups….

  44. After the practice.

  45. Im a football/soccer coach of a professional youth team and my only concern of doing this for a warm up before a game is they should be more ball warm ups.
    If you keep them on the move at all times you would half the amount of time you use on this and get more ball work in.
    In a warm up aswell, teams should be doing more short sharp runs.

  46. Yuri,
    At what point would you have them due any static stretching?

  47. just a question why no, changes of direction all linear running, football (soccer) is not played in straight lines.

  48. thanks yuri for the warm-up

  49. christianplatts

    the 45degree lunging at 4:00 looks like poetry in motion! Great routine. Our rugby club would do lots of stretching like this and then ruin it by doing loads of static stretching afterwards.

  50. senersenersener

    very nice, thank you

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