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Houston Dynamo vs. Montreal Impact Live Pre Game Show | MLS Playoff Central

This is the 2013 MLS Houston Dynamo vs. Montreal Impact Pre-Game Show presented by Samsung Galaxy. Tonight, the Montreal Impact travelled to Houston to face …


  1. brownnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    What a disgrace the Impact were. I know frustration is high when you’re
    down 3-0 at the end of the game, but please keep yourselves together. You
    don’t have to try to pick a fight!

  2. Wenger was horrible with Di vaio, seriously , Schallibaum had to put
    Bernier instead of Warner, Paponi instead of Wenger and Ouimette instead of
    a Dman

  3. 3 red cards and Will Bruin was pretty good, ill give y’all my credit to the
    Dynamo. From an Impact fan.(Defenders were sloppy with awful passes man)

  4. what did you say? i didn’t hear you, LOL

  5. You got that right!

  6. Lookin good so far, Adrian!

  7. Hope this is a good game and not a slow, minimal action game, overhyped

  8. People underesimate MTL, Di Vaio is a game breaker

  9. Houston wins dos a cero

  10. NOODLE TIME haha

  11. Only in the US because NBCSN got the right to show the game

  12. IS the game blacked out on MLS live?

  13. thanks goodness the field got dry up.

  14. keepers more likely to make mistakes

  15. The pitch will be wet so the ball will move alot quicker

  16. its raining in houston?

  17. How the rain will affect t the play?

  18. it’s on NBCSN, Sirius XM 94, CSN Houston., TSN, MLS outside USA.

  19. Rivas starting? That’s one helluva gamble

  20. will bruin’s numbers are down… but he’ll want to put his dancing bear on
    national tv… he’ll find a way to put it in the back of the net

  21. who’s this guy talking?

  22. darius is still on the revs

  23. can i watch from the UK somewhere?

  24. Predictions: Impact 2-1

  25. Came here via Youtube. You guys need to add a link on mlssoccer somewhere.

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