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Jonny Evans – Top Defender – Defending, Goals, Skills, Pass – Manchester United – 2013

Please Watch in HD, Enjoy, and Comments. Song: Sender – Love (Tom Reason Remix) Subscribe… Jonny Evans – Top Defender…
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  1. Today was the best day ever cawz woody actually came to our school! All the girls were falling for him! N I was one of them! XD

  2. OnceUponAtimeInLeb

    Maradona never cheated, god did.

  3. u guyz. . . . jeremy and the other freestylers are just normal and basic they just land 3 induvizual atws. . but the real legends is skora,abbas farid and etc. they do 3 atws at one touch thats called PATW. .

  4. jermey and sammy do not get to meet him i just watched this in my French class

  5. Because he’s more than that. He was one of the greatest players of all-time.

  6. Mikey Fisher is a bellend. . . .

  7. n the fact that woody was crying like a baby for him

  8. No seas mula vos. . si DEIGO fue el mas GraNDE!!

  9. You’re right! Why?

  10. why would a group of english kids want to meet maradona, who cheated england in the world cup by using his hand to score?


  12. jeremy rockss

  13. anyone know whereto download it for free. I want to watch it.

  14. sick film
    yeh its coldcut - true skool

  15. coldcut - true skool

  16. ye! thats a gd idea! id watch it!!

  17. My brother got this for his birthday today and i cant wait to watch it 2nyte it looks amazing!

  18. by roots manuva and coldcut

  19. its called “true school” i forgot the artists name

  20. its called “true school” but i forgot the artists name

  21. i workd with mikey in faliraki 06, if u wana see a rare vid of him doing his skills, search under football freak faliraki. .

  22. this is a beautiful movie- i wanna watch it-
    i would luv it if they made a second one- the plot could be they could go around the world searchin for the best players past and prsent and bring them together for a big football match- British people r so ingenious- always cumin up with good ideas.

  23. nice, saw these lads on paul  o grady, looks like a good film, lets just wait adn see

  24. He is so underrated .
    In my opinion he is one of the best BPL defenders

  25. next cb

  26. Poor poor finish :O

  27. He is extremley underrated in Fifa. He should have 80 minimum

  28. love your video bro…


  29. i’ll start using him if he has a “real” face in fifa lol

  30. 1:17 why welbeck should be on the bench

  31. Play him vs chelsea.. He is a good defender in my opinion.. Him and jones cb at the back for the future



  33. definition of underrated

  34. He played away against Real Madrid away and Chelsea away and man city all of which we played great

  35. i had to press the mute button, that music was driving me crazy.

  36. محمد العقيل

    Go go

  37. he’s so good with both foot, i dont even know what’s his primary foot

  38. Awsome video bro…he’ll be Uniteds future defender along with Phil Jones

  39. Its nothing compare to south american soccer.

  40. More goals than welbeck this season

  41. Has Evans ever played in midfield? He certainly looks more suited than Jones to do so.

  42. Sébastien Rouillon

    beautiful vidéo !!!!!

  43. Jonny EVANS >>>>> Rafa VARANE ! <3

  44. Thanks bro. Your videos are amazing too.

  45. nice video bro seriously you deserve more credit, subbed !

  46. New Carrick video is next soon. and then Jones 2012/2013. After that Vidic from his earlier season as you asked before. And then Scholes. If I have time Evra before Scholes.


  48. Walter Junior White

    Him and Phil Jones will be the best centre back partnership in the world one day.

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