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Learn Cristiano Ronaldo Skills | Manchester United Skills

Football skills channel YourHowToDo show Sam and Ian how to do the Cristiano Ronaldo chop turn! Subscribe for free for more MUFC fan videos:…
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  1. HowToDo Footballskills


  2. ibk guy shut up u can’t do the trick

  3. ibk

    and they cant even do it properly

  4. ibk


  5. ibk

    rubbish and easy

  6. where is steve

  7. steve i would like you to make more of ronaldo

  8. You guys are so awesome ! GGMU !

  9. LooooL

  10. this is one of the easiest tricks in football guys xD

  11. Kid u must join United youth team

  12. Abdul Kadir Meeran

    I can…. no joke….. 😛

  13. yay finally noticed Irish people on youtube!

  14. Anderson Goncalves

    That’s actually a trick Neymar made up

  15. The ronaldo chop aint hard to do it should take u one go so a few secs not 15 min retar…

  16. Oh Ian came prepared, and liked the look of his shinnies so wanted them on the outside. He’s a bit different is Ian. We wouldn’t advise it as a general rule.

  17. whats with the shinguard socks?

  18. Nice :)

  19. If you can do that with ease big man you’re a shoe-in for our 5a-side team!

  20. Send us some Maggie! Folk are still selling United shirts on eBay for 40 bats. i ask ya…

  21. Cheers mate, glad you enjoyed!

  22. Hehe this video ir really fun :)

  23. Dara and Brendan Are the BEST¡¡¡

  24. Two Irish Fellas Some Legends! GGMU

  25. Can we please update Ian’s jersey???

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