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Liverpool F.C. – Luis Suarez – All goals 2011/12 Season – Original commentary @1080p

Re-uploaded, with some minor changes (the YouTube address, in the video+ the quality – now FULL HD ­čÖé )] Luis Su├írez was the best goalscorer for Liverpool …


  1. Although he´╗┐ has his problems on the pitch, he is still an excellent player.

  2. lol´╗┐ no he wont XD

  3. andate´╗┐ para el REAL MADRID ahi te valoraran mas como persona y jugador

  4. But the edit it from´╗┐ ESPN.

  5. He’s a nice person and a great player, he´╗┐ just makes some mistakes on the pitch, every player does, don’t just judge his skills on the mistakes he makes.

  6. He changed his mind´╗┐ and is staying at Liverpool! YNWA!

  7. Welcome to´╗┐ Arsenal!!!

  8. He is just brilliant!´╗┐

  9. Would happily pay more for´╗┐ Suarez than the highly over rated and over priced Bale.

  10. He will join Arsenal´╗┐ soon ­čśë

  11. The last one was´╗┐ AMAZING!!!!

  12. He didn’t make it,´╗┐ this was shown on tv and he uploaded it.

  13. Great´╗┐ vid

  14. Thanks´╗┐ for this

  15. great´╗┐ vid

  16. This video is brilliant, especially the intro. Well done!´╗┐

  17. Amazing player, but probably a crazzy motherfucker in´╗┐ person

  18. Luis Suarez not winning Player of the Year is like not wanting to give it to Maradona in 1986. He IS the player of the year. That’s sorted. It’s the first´╗┐ time I’ve ever seen this happen in the history of the PL (since 1992) where the award ceremony feels like a sham.

  19. 9:43´╗┐ <3

  20. man whenever you show goal compilation, its should only be about 3mins long depending on how many the person scored, you dont need to show the´╗┐ build up just the goals and the commentary,

  21. Best´╗┐ striker in the premiership *

  22. Suarez´╗┐

  23. Good´╗┐

  24. HardcorePorSiempre

    change that fuckin´╗┐ music lol

  25. Luis Suarez great striker and´╗┐ great number 7

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