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Liverpool FC (08-09 Season)


  1. Come on Liverpool please come on lets sort ourselves out

  2. 2:55 TORRES!!

  3. the good ol days

  4. All worship liverpool

  5. faggot. i hope you and your family will die tomorrow

  6. orange crush is not sold in england.

  7. Bebop AndRockSteady

    That’s the best you can?

    Let me ask you something , What’s a scousers favorite soda?
    Orange Crush.

  8. Just like most yanks humour. It’s shit.

  9. Bebop AndRockSteady

    Q: How many Liverpool supporters does it take to change a lightbulb ?
    A: 96. One to change it and 95 to get killed in the crush when the whole city turns up to watch.

  10. Ohhh I do miss Torres!

  11. Ryan Babel is an Anfield hero today! <3

  12. Liverpool is the best team of the present , past and future !!!

  13. 3 viewers are utd fans ^^^ haha

  14. Tune! <3

  15. Thumbs up , if you love Liverpool !!!

  16. SuperComedyStudios

    Visit our channel to watch the 5-2 game highlights from yesterday!

  17. :)

  18. From Dallas, Tx. Luv Liverpool FC. Funny, I first became aware of Liverpool in the movie Formula 51. The fans were so passionate, so I started to watch the EPL and decided that Liverpool was my team. Then I found out that they are the best Club in history. Liverpool, because you are so great YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE. Much Luv.

  19. el mejor equipo de la historia

  20. that season an the 96-97 should of been r’s , its hard to take when ya watch that video coz we were the best team that season ,just rafa had to fuk it up with facts shout at tha press conference when we were sittin 5 points at the top in jan ,he should kept quiet

  21. yeh were better than chelsea but worse than woles WTF

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