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Liverpool FC 1 – 0 Singapore U19 (SAMED YESIL)

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO YOUTUBE.COM/SNATCHYOFFICIALMUSIC There is no copyrights sorry SAMED YESIL is my cousin and i just wanted to share his goal. sorry if i ha…


  1. There is till copyright even if Yesil is your cousin, your using
    broadcasted images that someone used first. The corporation that
    broadcasted this still have the right ti calim copyright.

  2. Lol why the fuck are you on a Liverpool youth video you sad cunt?!

  3. Did he played in the first team of liverpool last season?

  4. Yes he played in one a couple of league cup games for us. He wasn’t quite
    ready though as he didn’t know the language or his teammates. I think he
    may break through this season though.

  5. Is Yesil really your cousin!?

  6. Most people are better than downing in are squad!!

  7. Next Gerd Müller amazing goal amazing player

  8. @S19J91C youre talking bollocks. he’s a clinical finisher, ever watch Gerd
    Muller? A lot of his goals where daisy cutters, but he’s still one of the
    greatest strikers in history. Give me Yesil in 4 years or Muller who will
    play the width of the box, take a great touch and put it in over a player
    like Suarez who will beat 6 players and fuck up his final ball when we
    needs to score most.

  9. Well if there is copyrights then let them remove, i just wana show people
    my cousins gaol thats it 🙂 dont see any harm in that 🙂


  11. How are you related to him again? Any sort of verification?

  12. Yesil will be better than Messi. I have seen it in a dream.

  13. Just need a little maturity between the two of them, and badda boom…
    Forward issues solved. Sterling. Adorjan, Yesil, Morgan, Peterson, Pelosi,
    possibly Bijev… Plenty of power up front. No need to go crazy in January
    for strikers, we’ve got them in the waiting.

  14. future = morgan + yesil !!

  15. you shut up you retard cunt

  16. downing was by far liverpools best player against villa yesterday, so shut
    the fuck up

  17. lmao.. snatchy is related to Yesil o.O

  18. he scored a nice chip over the keeper against Crystal Palace

  19. Future player easy

  20. Also worth saying that Yesil scores plenty of “boss” goals as well, most of
    which you’ll find on YouTube.

  21. beauty

  22. @dEdgrimley not to burst your bubble mate but they need at least another
    year to 18 months before they can make the step up. Yesil and Sinclair are
    definitely the most talented of the strikers (obv RS too), Bijev I don’t
    know if he’ll get the permit he needs likewise Hodzic.

  23. FIFA-commentators!

  24. 3-1 shhhh spouse cunt

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