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Liverpool FC – 1987/88 Season Review – part 1

87/88 mighty reds season review.

End of the party disputed between Liverpool FC, and the FC Barcelona, of the Champions League. The Barça wins 0 – 1, but was eliminated.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Great team to watch and they played some top class football, just a shame they never got the chance to play in Europe or they would have gone down as one of the greatest sides and everyone all over Europe would have never forgot them

  2. yeah,best english side ever in my to watch.barnes and beardsley were magicians

  3. Back when Liverpool were actually good.

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  5. Thats what football is all about. I was in first row supporting barcelona. Unforgetable memories..

  6. Barca and Liverpool!!!!

  7. I love the bond between our fans!

  8. Barca&Liverpool !!!! FUCK madrid PUTA madrid !!! FUCK chelsea

  9. Respect. Liverpool and Barcelona forever. YNWA.

  10. Hasmik Margarian

    Liverpool YNWA!

  11. i hope next time Barca come to Anfield we play their anthem immediately after YNWA. if any club deserves it, it is them. they are such great lads. and i will never forget meeting them in the Arkles pub.

  12. Liverpool anf Barcelona for ever!!!!! fuck manU Puta Madrid!!! antimanchesteruniterd and antimadridista for ever!!!!

  13. We (LFC) have been out of the CL for to long so come on Brendan it’s time we came back where we belong, 5 and counting.

  14. nice user name

  15. shit fans both of ya #spurs

  16. gninnebhgnisyddap

    The two greatest set of fans in the world.

  17. Woah . .they even exchanged scarfs. RespecT!

  18. Respect for Barca fans! Visca el Barca, Visca el Liverpool!! YNWA!!

  19. Only wanna do one single thing before i die, going anfield for a gm to see this

    YNWA liverpool! Visca Barça!

  20. We lose this matches but there’s no reason to not recognise your great fans,we are not like madrid faggots. This was a clean match, with 2 great fans and after the match this is the way to be thankful to the essence of football.
    We are 2 big clubs with a big history, here from Barcelona we have sympathy for Liverpool, that’s all. A lot of teams have good relationship with other clubs,here in Barcelona 4 ex. we have sympathy 4Livpool,Celtic,Olimpyakos and H.Split

    Visca el Barça, Visca el Livpool

  21. i have no words to describe this , simply AMAZING.

  22. Respect, proper fans of proper clubs

  23. Respect to Barca from LFC 

  24. Makes me very proud to watch that, from a Liverpool fan. Fantastic from the Barca Fans! 🙂

  25. Stand up, if you hate fucking Man.Utd…forever German Red

  26. MrLiverpoolFCAnfield

    y barca fans like us

  27. This video went viral on China

  28. awwww friendsssssssss

  29. This video went viral on Dominica

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