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Liverpool FC ~ A Club With History

Liverpool FC A Club With History.
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  1. Where is this?

  2. we should burn usa

  3. jantonioptorres

    Juan Manuel Thomas Chao im blue but when i heard you all things change and become so real

  4. kolumbianiches18

    Cool video!!, but which country is it Haiti or some country in Africa??? Manu chao is the best!!!

  5. if u have already been in this type of country the song is very effective.

  6. In a shrinking world Manu expands. . . . the mind,heart and soul. Excellent

  7. this guy is amazing.

  8. TheSirkusartist

    Best band in the whole world. . music needs Manu Chao !!!

  9. Manu Chao es el mejor! Yo soy Polaco 🙂

  10. only 2,875 views??? prolly athousand of those are mine. His old stuff is awesome too.

  11.  thank you 🙂

  12. kutless more than it seems

  13. i like this song. need name it?

  14. what is name song?

  15. You’ll Never Walk Alone! <3

  16. 96 brothers forever in our hearts! YNWA♥

  17. sere LIVERPOOL FAN!
    el mejor euipo del mundo
    la camisa que si pesa
    los fans mas fieles y en el mundo!!!
    el mejor himno y lo mejor el mejor nombre

  18. brilliant video, thought it could do with an much better song !

  19. R.I.P 96 You`ll never walk alone !!!

  20. very nice video! YNWA


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