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Liverpool FC Best Moments 07/08

Liverpool FC Best Moments 07/08 goals from torres, gerrard, babel , mascherano, kuyt…. enjoy.


  1. never walk alone.

  2. DetectiveInspectorTV

    Gerrard looks like hes on crack now…

  3. DetectiveInspectorTV

    plot twist: not a united fan

  4. wih riise

  5. he left =Torress

  6. The man that sold his soul to the devil. Fernando Torres. Thanx for what you did for us and R.I.P.
    Long live King Gerrard. True legend of our dear club. The greatest scouser ever. We love you and we will ALWAYS love you.

  7. Torres should come back to Liverpool, he does’nt deserve what he is achieving now in Chelsea

  8. steven gerrard deserves the trophy! n dats from a united fan…

  9. Clarence mcclarence

    There would be no team like the 05 squaf

  10. will somebody please make a sign for the kop with fagan, benitez, shankley and paisley with beatles haircuts under the title ”fab 4” and one of dagleash in the infamous elvis costume under the words ”the king”! maybe with the number 7 on his back!!! it should of been done a long time ago!

    also, the kops response to the luis suarez ‘you no what you are chant’ should be ‘luis suarez, we know what you are” support for a future kop legend!

  11. I die hard for Liverpool FC. Man, I will tell you how much I missed those moments… Even tears came to my eyes watching what a team we used to be – even though no titles won recently. We have to find a deadly finisher to partner with #7 and do it asap before Gerrard finally retires. If there’s anyone in the PL who deserves to lift that trophy – That’s without a doubt Steven Gerrard. YNWA!

  12. gerrard > lamprad

  13. spit spit to mancs hug hug to scoucers!! whenever rooney walks into the room booo hissss boooo hissssss!

  14. Can anyone please titles of the music used other than the Gladiator theme?

  15. Fantastic Video, You Are Really Good

  16. Great video!

  17. This video is amazing..congratulations. Now we are in a bad time but we’ll return to fly! I Love Liverpool. Y N W A


  19. Its always Liverpool who give me always a good match:D:D if ya know what am saying:P

  20. liverpool is not a passion, not a religion, not an ordinary team. its a way of life

  21. Great video!!!!! Love it!

  22. man i cant believe how dissapointed u must be because they are the second bottom of the league now just above west ham woow shame on u bitch. come on chelsea

  23. im soryy but thats amazin m8
    nice job

  24. Name of last song pleaseeeeee

  25. i love liverpool! “You Never Walk Alone”

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