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Liverpool FC | Feel So Close | 2012/2013 | HD

Liverpool season starts off with West brom , hopefully they can get a win to start the campaign. This video shows Recent goals and players , some older playe…


  1. cool men i love liverpool

  2. Great song,great video 🙂

  3. Haha, that’s weird =S

  4. Not my Gamertag :L

  5. I swear I played someone called uhGravity on CoD4 the other day lol.

  6. l000l

  7. L0L

  8. 5 liverpool 3 young boys come on lads bring on ma utd we will be back just wait in brendan we trust!

  9. Good luck

  10. Feel So Close…to Championship))

  11. YNWA

  12. To be true I supported liverpool for a over a decade.Seeing one of Man city fans make me feels Disappointed most of them weren’t arrogant like you.

  13. Couldnt give a fuck

  14. do you want liverpool to have less money?

  15. and you have been watching football for about 1 year I bet, glory supporters really shouldn’t open there mouths on matters they don’t understand. I’m sorry but I can’t take any ‘city fan’ serious because you’re not a fan of football, you like to think you are but you’re not.

  16. glory supporters are fucking jokers, you just jump on the same band wagon with everyone else. who you going to support next week?

  17. let me guess you have only been a fan of football for 2 years max? you kids do make me laugh

  18. Manchester city since 2 year ago

  19. This song fits great into video, Great job! YNWA

  20. You must love them YNWA and nice way to start the video “Paisley” <3

  21. Another cracker from ya,thanx Y.N.W.A

  22. I’m Subscribing and putting this video into my favourites because it is incredible, simple as that.


  24. How you so good at making Liverpool videos?.. thanks for such good videos YNWA!

  25. paulo ricardo de mello

    nice video as always. thank you, man!

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