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LIVERPOOL FC SEASON 2008 / 2009 *** PART 1 Review of the season 2008 / 2009. All goals can be watched again.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

You’ll Never Walk Alone ” เราจะไม่มีวันเดินเดียวดาย และจะไม่ย่อท้อกับการพ่ายแพ้ ” ” NOCKZlαtaŋ © | ρresεŋts ɴew νideø • Made By…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Scary in one way considering what winning the title this year and Champions League in Athens might have covered up. It was only because we lost both and Benitez went mad when the owners said ‘lol we ain’t got no cash actually!’ when he asked to strengthen the side more that the rot in the boardroom and backroom management of the club was uncovered. In one way, I suppose it might have been for the best, though it cost us hugely short term. – LFC Fan

  2. TheChallengeExpert91

    Somday reds, this will happen again, only we will win the league! In BR we trust!

  3. Where is part 2 till part 6

  4. WOW he ws shit and now he is one of the worlds best def

  5. Liverpool were so divinely good that season. I pray for Benitez and Torres coming back.

  6. 4:20, it’s Bayern’s Dante!

  7. a couple more goals in the games they drew and the premier league would’ve been at anfield, crazy considering how shit they are atm.

  8. back when we played poor and actually got the results all these games we played awful but ground out wins

  9. If we kept Keane :/

  10. Basketball, Football, and Baseball all dont stand a chance against Soccer because this is one sport where there is no such thing as a “Deserved Champion”

  11. If time travel existed I would go back in time and make Liverpool win the league and man united come 7th in the Europa league

  12. “Only Steven Gerrard Can Do That!!” I LOVE IT 😀

  13. And to think we could of won the league that season

  14. put in sami, carra and riise

  15. He was absolutely shit.

  16. These were the days. 🙁 Hopefully with the new revolution, we will one day get back to were we belong.

  17. Heskey wasn’t even at Liverpool in 2009, get your shit right.

  18. Mighty ross , thats exactly what I thought and I wish kuyt was still there and aurelio

  19. wait?.. what about heskey?

  20. Looking at the current squad I have no doubt that if both Xabi Alonso and Javier Mascherano were still at Liverpool we would be Premier League Champions.
    Reina – Johnson – Skrtel – Agger – Enrique – Downing – Alonso – Mascherano – Courtinho – Gerrard – Suarez. Yes I know it’s early days for Courtinho but he does have huge potential.

  21. No Problem man, I searched for this song for years, so glad I did eventually, glad to help u 😀

  22. Top comment doesn’t realise how good Aurelio was that season, a coming of age for him, was a leader, I don’t care what anyone says


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