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Liverpool FC Tickets

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  1. 42:00 hahahaha

  2. baseball is shit.

  3. The simple truth is there are some fans with tickets in the last row who will pay more for your seat in the first row. The club should be able to reap this fact, that is to increase revenues. Thus the rationale for more pricing tiers.

  4. baseball it’s fucking shit…hysterical!!!

  5. Dunk good stuff, here in New York metro and I here yah man…used to be able to go to Yankee (baseball) and Giants (American football) at will, today holy crap $500 to $1000 a day to go with my kid (s), total fuck all!!

    So in any event I’m coming over for the first time with my Dad and brother for a week of and must get a game in at Anfield and need 3 good seats for a decent to Epic match up…thinking week of Sept 2nd or 9th, any ideas for me??

  6. It started because after a loss the fans demanded the owners splash the cash. Now we can’t afford the players they bought at too high a price.

  7. Don’t the banks provide credit cards in the United Kingdom? Is LFC a bank?

  8. You are correct Dunk, economics is the driver. Unfortunately, some of the fans who have premium seats today are going to be either shifted up into the nose bleed seats or out of the park. It doesn’t matter whether Anfield is redeveloped or a new stadium is built, half the additional seats will be premium seats. Those who buy the premium seats want premium locations, not nose bleed seats. Think opera. 

  9. It’s funny, because the other week when the internationals were on I saw a picture of a large section of fans for (think it might have been ecuador or a south american team) with their backs to the game, refusing to watch the match because they wanted a replay or something. Thing is they’ve just paid to turn their back to a game of football. Don’t pay and they’ll listen!

  10. therockwalkingtall

    Had to laugh out loud at your black American Accent..lool Entertaining video made me laugh through out.. I never can watch some one talk for over 45 minutes but your an exception. lol

  11. Posh spice she takes it up the arse hahaha

  12. It costs me 800 pound to go over from Northern Ireland for a weekend with my son including accomadation food etc because we have to order so soon in advance we dont know weather its a saturday or sunday kick off its an absolute fortune

  13. Spot on about Alan Smith Dunc you got it right. JAR smashed it and it broke his leg

  14. I can’t believe there is no payment plans for season ticket holders. Even for my MLS season tickets I get a 6 month payment plan.

  15. TheCUBEKilluminati

    You know something big man, best video you’ve ever done, I have more pressing concerns for the fucked up shambles the economy in at the moment and it’s effect on people lives than worry about tickets, between that and losing my old man last year I’ve completely lost interest in footy, it’s becoming a rich mans game and I’m not willing to be fleeced by these fucking yanky vultures and overpaid Pre Madonna’s, it also a distraction from what important, I doubt my passion will return any time soon.

  16. Barcelona: ‘Messi we gonna pay you 20 grand a week’
    Messi: ‘Fuck off..Im off to Norwich’
    HAHAHAHAHAHA DUNC is the best!

  17. I don’t know why your surprised, the White Biggie Smalls FLMAO

  18. warriorprince101010

    Salary cap…Messi could still earn 10 million a year but Barca would have to cut wages of other less gifted players. Such as Pedro and Puyol.

  19. Absolutely love the long videos, you are just a person I could listen to for hours on end! Still doing a great job!

  20. @Mr360mafiya aye

  21. Hahahaha class as always Dunk.The part about Stevie G snapping a Manc was Hilarious!

  22. Duncan, here in America baseball fans say football is boring as fuck. Not knowing that the whole world thinks baseball is shit. Sometime I wish they could all kill themselves

  23. The thing that worries me about ticket prices going up is the diehard supporters that sing there hearts out every week and make anfield special will be replaced by alode of prawn sandwich wankers. Its happened to the scum and i dont want it to happen to us!

  24. dunc is the best!

  25. Dunc<3

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