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Liverpool FC Training Session @ Singapore Bishan Stadium 170711.mpg

Come by next year with the BPL trophy! YNWA!
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  1. 4:30 AQUAMAN!!!!

  2. Red army from The wolrld

  3. anwar abdel massih

    i m not a liverool fan but this is a team who loves their players

  4. fuck of chelsea fc you aint got no history 5 european cups and 18 leagues thats what we call history

  5. YNWA

  6. We hate forest
    My brother love forest…

  7. What’s the song about we hate forest called?

  8. We love our Suarez, better than Torres, he came from Ajax to bring us joy! He’s continental, he fucking mental oh don’t take our luis away!

  9. Good songs !!!

  10. ynwa :)

  11. thanks mate, ill put it on my fifa chants..!!

  12. Mohamed Abdulrahim

    You are a classic liverpool fan!! GOOD JOB

  13. Suare Liverpool`s number 7

  14. Respect froma AFC Ajax fan:3

  15. fuck you torres, viva la suarez

  16. 4:46 <3

  17. come no liverppol

  18. 7:12 is soo trus

  19. Roxfernandotorreslfc

    I love these songs

  20. ynwa great vid mate

  21. Great video mate. REDS FOREVER.

  22. lol i love this

  23. Wicked video, loved it

  24. brilliant job mate! thank you very much! kops forever! proud of our legacy!!

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