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Liverpool FC vs St Etienne 1977 Anfield rocking we shall not be moved

Liverpool FC vs St Etienne 1977 Anfield rocking we shall not be moved

ENJOY!!! Anfield and The Kop a few moments after David Fairclough made it 3-1 during the 2nd leg of the European Cup Quarter Final between Liverpool and St E…


  1. United must be so jealous of this!

  2. goosebumps

  3. If anyone there that night found a left adidas samba, size 10, can I have it back please?

  4. Against Modern Football!

  5. I am a red and Yes I am a red…I live a thousand miles away and I stand even at my home when :LFC plays…All the Asians are not the same !

  6. The Spion Kop and Anfield at its greatest

  7. itsasicilianmessage


  8. Filipe Gonçalves

    Respect from Brazil

  9. Respect from Serbia!!!
    Red Star Belgrade

  10. Beautiful Liverpool

  11. i know its depressing for those who love football, money fucks everything!! they took football away from the workin class people!! im a liverpool fan myself!! but i cant stand watchin liverpool nowdays and the anfield atmosphere is so depressin!!! even in the big games against united or everton!! only a few lads are standing. i gotta say old tratford is even more pathetic!! full of asian tourists!!

  12. Clint Heine represents all that is bad about the world, oh and he hates scousers too, pyro, are you related to moxy from auf wiedersehen pet by any chance? Look son, take your pyro and get Clint to shove it up your arse, he hates the English and scousers in that order, so good luck kid.

  13. I thought atmosphere was about the fans not false crap, go and blow Clint Heine at The Emirates, oh, I forgot, He’s an armchair fan, oh well, go blow him at his poxy rented flat, let off a CS gas cannister and wank off to Sky sports, leave proper footie to us son.

  14. We came to Anfield in Jan 1980, Nov 1997 and Oct 2001 as well as Goodison in Nov 1984, I was at all of those games and we created incredible atmosphere at all 4 while winning 2 of them, tossers like Clint and other latch on types will never understand, the game is dead now, twats like him and you have killed it, go on enjoy your pyro and soccer AM it’s no more than you deserve.

  15. What lifts the atmosphere is a home end giving it some, the away end filling one corner or stand and responding, goosebumps, hairs on the back of the neck, the players responding and an unwritten agreement to be at the next game, flares and cannisters are out of bounds, football special trains, police escorts, general admission entrance are what we want, no Clint the killjoy or tacky commercial shite, ultras? Give it up kid.

  16. Ultras are like Europeans in 1980’s fashions that have just watched ‘Green Street’, contrived, the reason we love the English old school style is that it was natural, of the people and not the Clint Heine approved wank we see now, we don’t want to learn from Europe, they should learn from us, proper fans know about their club and understand the match day ritual, tossers like him and ultras kill our game stone dead.

  17. If people want pyro, they should go to a firework display or a Jean Michel Jarre concert, we should be allowed to live a little but not by endangering other people or by being selfish arseholes like that annoying bunch of corporate, freeloading parasites the Pukka pie band. Pyro at football is one of those annoying, idiotic habits that might be OK in Europe but apart from being the domain of the braindead, it’s just so UnEnglish, like that selfish, smug, self indulgent, talentless band really.

  18. Anyone who lets off a flare or smoke cannister is a bloody lunatic, the atmosphere was far better back in the old days but anyone who brings dangerous items into any stadium doesn’t understand about proper old school passion.

  19. If you had have gone to an English game around this time even in the lower leagues, the passion and atmosphere compared to now is 100% different, if you can access UK TV watch reruns of ‘The Big Match’ (many are uploaded on here) and you’ll see what I mean, if you read a magazine called ‘Back Pass’ you can almost taste the atmosphere, those days are sadly gone.

  20. Modern football is plastic fans sat in plastic seats singing plastic chants drinking watered down lager from plastic glasses, no passion whatsoever, European nights used to make the goosebumps pop up, now we have Americanised ‘squads’ playing in an overhyped ‘Champions’ league despite finishing 4th in bland all seater stadia, Sky sports, Soccer AM and the trendy celeb culture have killed the English game.

  21. That was before football was taken by n for the rich people

  22. Nowdays anfield its depressing!!! The kop is pathetic!! Passion is dead!!

  23. its not hard to be heard in youll never walk alone its an easy song to sing over as it high points of high an low and not once when it was in voice did you sing over it

  24. I remember bouncin in the kop that night , best atmosphere ever , the official capacity then was around 56,000 but I swear there was well over 60,000 we were packed in and it was brilliant …JFT96 ….YNWA

  25. Asse  la classe

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