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Liverpool vs Manchester United – You’ll Never Walk Alone – Atmosphere

Liverpool vs Manchester United - You'll Never Walk Alone - Atmosphere

Liverpool vs Manchester United – You’ll Never Walk Alone – Atmosphere.
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  1. jajaja, nadie puede con gornaldo el unico, las jugadas q hace son alucinantes, nadie hace eso ahora, nadie, incluso su imitacion barata ese tal cristiano patea penales, no hace eso ni lo hara, grande jefe

  2. 43 best defenders don t like this video

  3. el mejor 9 que vi en mi vida

  4. Hizo Shit a puyol jaja!!!!

  5. nada que cr7 o messi el es el unico potencia dribling efectividad amague ysobre todo fantasia

  6. You cant compare messi with no body until he plays for another club and does what he does at Barcelona. Because this man did a lot things with different club teams

  7. He was Messi’s idol

  8. De lo k he visto . . . . si a messi se le puede comparar con alguien ese seria este fenomeno gracias crack

  9. Carlos and Cannavaro was not in his top prime that time their faced Messi. Cannavaro form down after WC 2006 before he join R. Madrid.

  10. LEGEND

  11. el mas grande de la historia del futbol

  12. 03;37 damn he was soo fast even with that built

  13. I completly agree with you.
    Plus Ronaldo never had players like Xavi and Iniesta to help in his prime (At Barcelona and Internazionale).

  14. ese puyol, de verdad le cae lo de cavernicola, mas bruto, y no todos los defensas son sin clase, a tiene Franco Baresi o al mismo Cannavaro, con clase

  15. He is eligible to be called the legend, i don’t think that 10 Messis can get to Ronaldo. . . .

  16. 3:03 he has no head!!!

  17. Brilliant video. . . . always a pleasure to watch the “real” Ronaldo

  18. Why this ronaldo botak

  19. I agree with you. Not just that. Other than a couple of Real Madrid’s defenders nobody touches Messi. As a matter of fact, Messi is never injured. I have to admit it is not easy to get him but when he wants a defender can get anyone.

  20. Sometimes it hurts to watch him. More training required! It’s just too bad that they played more aggressive football back then.

  21. don’t even mention

  22. Nicolas zevallos ramos


  23. i agree with you but the main factor is messi playing in a generation where there are no defenders to those unlike who played in ronaldo era if you disagree with me watch nesta v/s messi 

  24. the best of all time
    messi is not even anywhere close to him

  25. I think the best CR7 skills vid on youtube is:


  26. I was sat in the kop end


    i was sat below u

  28. Love it YNWA

  29. Love your work.

  30. your videos have great quality

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