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Luis Suarez – Shake it Out | Liverpool FC | 2011-2013 | 720HD

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. This is truly an amazing video! And finally a videi like this with good
    music and not som trance/techno bullcrap that don’t even fit in with the
    video. Good job :D

  2. would love the lad to stay come january but at the same time would
    understand if he went to madrid. this lad deserves to be at the top. world

  3. Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out

  4. We cant help but love him, even though he says things like he did, even if
    he wanted to go, i cant forgive him because i believe if you pull on the
    liverpool shirt, you should play your heart out and be happy wearing it. At
    Melbourne he showed how unhappy he was in a disgusting fashion with his
    body language and lack of interest. That being said, if he comes back and
    plays like a good boy, we will gladly sell in jan, and getting a few
    replacements in the process. BTW ferdinand and carrick, fucku


  6. great vid.

  7. song?

  8. Great video, Ammar! Glad to see you back. And cheers for the credit! YNWA

  9. Amazing, truth behind the lies!!!

  10. what a quality video

  11. too much editing

  12. liverpoolforever10

    Evra disliked this 🙁

  13. Luis Suarez ! The One And Only ! Best Striker In The Bpl!

  14. Renato Gálvez Barbieri

    Dont leave Luchito, PLEASE DONT!!


  16. He’s not going to Arsenal

  17. come on Liverpool RISE

  18. YRCHD once again you deliver a breathtaking video, keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. amazing! Keep it up! Please Follow @LFCedits for the best liverpool edits?

  20. ARSENAL!

  21. 0:19 A pat on the head he was only trying to be friendly.

  22. Its the PASSION & LOVE for the game & the club which he wants to show the
    world, & not to mention he does get the job done too !

  23. Luis Suarez 3

  24. and Ivanovic 🙁

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