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Luis Suarez’s Best Liverpool FC Goals (2012) (ft. Steven Gerrard)

2013 SUAREZ GOAL COMPILATION – Luis Suarez goal compilation (with stevie g) this was originally for a school proje…


  1. Best goal at 0:57

  2. Great vid but i had to turn volume down

  3. Weirdest Channel On YouTube

    Haha, great compilation though, lol, I only just realised the title says (ft Steven Gerrard)

  4. this was originally for a school project about liverpool in general, so instead of taking gerrard out i just kept it haha!

  5. Weirdest Channel On YouTube

    Amazing video for an amazing player, but (don’t get me wrong, love Gerrard) when does Luis Suarez goals turn into the best of Gerrard?

  6. was thinking of an all round LFC 2012-13 video 😛

  7. nice vid ,at the end of next season you should make one for coutinho or sturridge:)

  8. Suarez is epic

  9. Level up (:

  10. What is song mates

  11. What is the song

  12. Wie heißt das Lied ?

  13. I just can’t get enough of luiz Suarez

  14. S




  15. One of the greats in football could be up there with ronaldo and messi!

  16. itisgameingproject

    you are a legend mate 

  17. you know luis suarez personally yeah? didnt think so go fuck yourself

  18. The world isnt just what you see in a TV, stop paying attention to the media repeating what you think is real. Some people really thin they know Suarez… The only thing you know is how he play football so stop saying he is an asshole or a racist cuz you don’t have a clue about it. The most popular uruguayan singer artist name is NEGRO RADA and is normal to call negro to any black person there becuse the racism almost doesnt exist there. Open your mind, the world is much bigger than your TV

  19. If an English player was racist no one would give a fuck. Haters gonna hate just because he’s one of the best strikers in BPL so ppl fuck off

  20. Liverpool eier!!:-):-D:-P

  21. still a monumental cunt

  22. If only we still had Torres ..

  23. very likley the biggest asshole in the league. matches the club well

  24. haha ha you’r funny bro fo real… idiot..

  25. Lets kick your ma’s ass from this world an through it to Jupiter 😛

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