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Manchester United 0-1 Portsmouth – 2008 FA Cup Quarter-Final (08/03/08)

Manchester United 0-1 Portsmouth - 2008 FA Cup Quarter-Final (08/03/08)

MOTD highlights and analysis of Portsmouth’s remarkable win over Manchester United.
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  1. I will never tire watching this. Priceless.

  2. Don’t know why people are saying Portsmouth got lucky. That was a
    combination of fantastic goalkeeping and utterly determined defending.

  3. that header 0.43 yes pompey pupppu

  4. Five and a half years since I stood in the pub watching this game. Five and
    a half years of little more than pain and heartache for every Fratton
    faithful, and games like this still send shivers down my spine. 

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  6. look at the man u team back then rooney, ronaldo, tevez wow its so different

  7. Portsmouth with players like: James, Distin, S.Campbell, Muntari,
    K.Boateng, Baros ?? OMG Those days !

  8. Skill yeah my arse. Utd had change after change and still could not score

  9. no we didn’t- it was skill

  10. Well we stopped you, get over it you MAN U FAIR WEATHER SUPPORTER. You and
    your fans don’t respect your club, but pompey do.

  11. Best game of all time Play up pompey Pompey play up

  12. one of the most frustrating games i have ever watched.Everything conspired
    against us for that treble.i still cant believe it was portsmouth that
    stopped us.

  13. fantastic.watched it in the pub and knew as second half unfolded that we
    weren’t going to lose. At Wembley later one of the footballing highlights
    of my life (that and the sem-final win over Harry’s Spurs)

  14. I was at this game in the Pompey end and when we won I realised we had won
    the cup and stopped united winning the treble:)

  15. Yeah,so lucky we won the Cup….

  16. Man utd should have easily have won that game Portsmouth got lucky

  17. 2-1 rio own goal when he just passed it into his own net thinking van der
    sar was there

  18. 3??? I remember the 2-0 with Fuller and the 1-0 Stone, what was the other

  19. 3 times at home mate

  20. Mother Of Luck

  21. We later went on to win the fa cup

  22. 5 years later and we are the Man Utd of league 2. Was it worth it? Yes it
    was, we won the FA Cup, played in Europe, beat Utd twice at home and once
    away. great times, now for the reality check. Play Up Pompey.


  24. that was a great game!

  25. Ex-scummer says no pen against Pompey.. That’s as good as it gets.

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