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Home / UK League / Manchester United 1 – Arsenal 0 Match Highlights Old Trafford 10.11.13

Manchester United 1 – Arsenal 0 Match Highlights Old Trafford 10.11.13

Manchester United 1 - Arsenal 0 Match Highlights Old Trafford 10.11.13

Manchester United 1 – Arsenal 0 Match Highlights Old Trafford 10.11.13.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. OOOOOHH Robin Van Persieeee!!!!!!

  2. IIIIIIIIIIImmmmmm…..! Rubbing my pussy!!! ahaha! 

  3. Arsenal is still going to win the premiere league, and this is coming from
    a Bayern Munchen fan. LMAO!

  4. thank you soo much for this video mate! It was a brilliant video….felt
    like i was with all the fans out there! and your commentary was much
    better…not too much and too little! keep up the good work! more please!

  5. people who complain about this guy filming are stupid it his camrea he can
    film what he likes so stop moaning i enjoy his vids like most others what
    are you trying to prove by saying why do u film? why do you comment and
    complain? keep up the good work mate :)

  6. can’t wait for our wide players tor return for the reverse fixture..
    Walcott, Podolski, Oxlade chamberlain and you saw a glimpse of serge
    gnabry’s talent.. made your team sweat after only being on for 15 minutes..

  7. Thnks for the video. Your vantage point couldn’t be better. Your commentary
    was better than most pundits, what with the s… and f…. words. He..he..
    Looking forward to more videos of ManU matches, especially as Im half way
    round the globe. Glory Glory Man United. 

  8. Oooh Robin Van Persie….hey Tel, check out our vid of an Arsenal fan
    getting videobombed after the game! 


  10. Whats happened to your telandbenjie profile?

  11. why dont u enjoy the match rather ?? this constant videotaping is available
    at many sites…. 

  12. wheres the new singing section?

  13. loved the video. helped me live the match. fantastic

  14. Morestaff Kingmore

    l had never seen so united and determined Man U lads like the current
    formitable squad ,they is more purpose of oneness than individualism GO

  15. love your videos mate, lifetime dream to get to old trafford someday, until
    i’ll enjoy these. cheers!

  16. Manchester UnitedMKD

    teland u sipmly the best GGMU MANCHESTER IS RED!!!

  17. Fantastically observed minutes silence… Proud to be a United fan 

  18. Yeah! Best video. I’m from VietNam. I love Manchester Utd. I feel very
    happy when I am watching your video <3

  19. Hùng Nguyễn Phi

    MU việt nam

  20. couldnt stop smiling since yesterday hahaha ggmu

  21. Was at the game was brilliant fun watching the Sunderland last
    10mins….cheering everytime they cleared the ball. Poor old City.
    Brilliant United. 

  22. Im living vicariously through this video from across the pond. Cheers


  24. Best match in season. Come on United

  25. Just a quick one Tel to let you know your doing a great job mate and love
    watching your videos so keep it up mate!

  26. Chelsea wasting such talent. Bring back the Spanish Goal Machine!!

  27. One thing he hates is his teams defending. Always looks to run at defenders
    and attack. He showed it against Bayern. Move the ball quicker, pass it to
    him while he’s in space while the defenders are still retreating to
    position, and bang. Goal.

  28. Oscar i love you

  29. shit player… teams need a hard worker AND a goal-scorer… saying
    “atleast he’s trying” isn’t good enough. This is professional football, not
    amateur hour… send Torres to the nPower.

  30. lose the ball way to many times

  31. I have decided to subscribe because you make great FT9 videos.

  32. Played excellent in all of his matches

  33. By definition then, watching Torres on Youtube is a good use of your time?
    I watch him for comedy value. Why do you watch him?

  34. this video is funny? perhaps the ManU miss, but this video? Humor… you’re
    humor is morass. I’m sorry I questioned your boyfriend’s reasoning on
    watching a person who he wants to bash

  35. when he came in… the whole team got better

  36. Awesome

  37. torres is clueless

  38. so why are you wasting your time watching his video

  39. Always ‘The Kid’

  40. Good video

  41. uncropped please?

  42. Should go to Napoli or risk missing the world cup

  43. What the fuck is this? Torres didn’t play at all today…..

  44. Favorite player…

  45. sad to see him on the bench….

  46. *Lovely. #LiverpoolFan 🙂

  47. That was a quick upload:)

  48. Torres over Sturridge at Chelski = Joke

  49. Works hard in most!

  50. he needs to leave this transfer window chelsea just will not his style,
    needs to got to either liverpool or napoli with rafa and they are playing
    champions league football, he has nothing to prove in the BPL anymore, same
    as Ba, napoli is the best possible move or madrid side to side with villa
    what are your touhgts

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