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Manchester United in Sydney training session Part 3

Get up close with Manchester United at their Sydney training session July 19 2013 at Allianz Stadium. United are in Australia for a game against the A-League…

Michael Carrick - Pass, Defense, Skills - This is why He's Manchester United Player of the Year 2013

Please Watch in HD, Enjoy, and Comments. Song: ThePianoGuys 1) Without You 2) Michael Meets Mozart 3) Titanium 4) Rolling in the Deep Check their channel: ht…
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  1. Hey guys, what was that dubstep song they were playing on the screen where van persie was juggling with the team. It was a prom. Please let me know asap

  2. Glory2 man united!

  3. SoccerAcademySeries

    great player, great video!

  4. Laundrup is amazing player. He is a legend. And of course he is different than Carrick.
    But you also should check out my favourite one. Paul Scholes. The complete midfielder. And I will make it next month.

  5. Good clean video with nice music instead of German techno. You should check out Michael Laudrup. Different than Carrick, but a footballgenius nonetheless.

  6. Great that you share your opinion, and you seem reflected. I just think you’ve misunderstood Carricks role in the team. His role is to help defenders, keep posession and to try to pick out teammates in front of him. When I see United against the very best teams, he is one of the few who I’m sure will keep up.

  7. pls give up hope then.

  8. The song will always in the description.

  9. one thing you need to know, Man United was playing counter attack against Real Madrid, while Madrid was having a heavy pressure on United when they have the possession.
    the tactics of the game made fast players to excel, while Carrick job in that game was to defend and keep possession.
    Scholes would perform at a similar level of Carrick in that game, there were just too little time to create a good pass or control the ball.

  10. what is the second background song? I like it.

  11. Why don’t you play for united and try to get manutd player of the year? Let’s see what u can do

  12. Why don’t you play for united and try to get player of the year? Let’s see what u can do

  13. sorry but that is a load of shite.

  14. So fucking overrated last season it’s unbelievable. The fact people rated him over Mata, Cazorla, let alone Yaya Toure is just laughable. Even in terms of English players I’d take Wilshere, and over a career Lampard, Scholes or Gerrard by an absolute mile. Don’t even get me started on other leagues, if people seriously rate him above Pirlo, Xavi Alonso or Schwienstieger I might just give up hope

  15. Amazing video bro. Carrick’s been my favourite player since 2006. He’s so underrated. Btw, the music is fantastic.

  16. GGMU

  17. In the last game against Scotland Gerrard did do a great job I thought.. He distributes the game so well, but Yes Carrick would be good too

  18. To be honest. Carrick did really well in Real Madrid’s game. He had the 2nd best passing accuracy and total pass. The first one was Khedira. RM looked dominate in first leg because they had better and more dangerous Attacking mid. You should know Di Maria and Ronaldo made the big difference not Alonso. And also we dominate the midfield in 2nd leg, and then red card changed the game.

  19. why not have carrick in the england team along with wilshere and cleverly? gerrard WAS a top class attacking midfielder but he isnt currently a top class defensive one. he loses the ball too much and isnt composed enough. carrick would be ideal in the holding role, tidying up and playing it simple. he has good vision and positioning and is tactically adept.

  20. An amazing tribute to an amazing player

  21. Most underrated player!Carrick is a boss in midfield!

  22. Wow. Awesome video

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  24. You’re right (btw great video), but when we play against teams such as Real madrid he just appears to not be quite on the same level, we hardly touch the ball. I know that is not only Carrick’s fault as that is the team in general but I just feel that Carrick can’t posses and control a game like Scholes did, and that is what a true midfielder is all about. When Carrick was paired with Scholes 3 years ago that was great, but he does not have the ability to make a diference on his own

  25. Ok, I was too harsh, honestly I don’t know what the problem is with Carrick and yes I watch every Man Utd match live. Its just that whenever we plauy against big teams we never have possession and I don’t like the way we have started playing, especially last season. Carrick is a brilliant player and when you just think about it you can’t really find problems with his game, however we are never the team with possession and Carrick can not control the game as Scholes does, that is all i’m saying

  26. Great vid ,thank u

  27. LOVE it. Please keep the Carrick vids coming! Thank you 🙂

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