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Manchester United Seattle Tour 2011

We are getting on Manchester United Tour 2011 bus in Seattle after practice and getting autographs from everyone.
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  1. You met….. MY HERO….. RYAN GIGGS! your live is officialy 1,00,000,000
    times better than mine!!

  2. บอกได้คำเดียวว่าอิจฉาโว้ยยยยย .. มาเมืองไทยกูจะโบกมั่ง

  3. 1:30 VIDIC LOOKED AT ME! ;D

  4. That is fucking cool…Man U..Class organization.

  5. But, but, they’re supposed to be the evil empire…stop being so cool Man.
    U, so I can continue hating you!

  6. SAF invites Bulgarian fans on to Manchester United bus.
    the fans were standing by on a road from where the team bus was supposed to

  7. Careful, if you look him directly in the eye you will die like the
    basilisk. I’m surprised you’re not petrified through the camera.

  8. Awesome !!!

  9. am an arsenal fan with no love for Man U but must admit that was pretty
    cool of them to stop like that.

  10. They should do some of this in the UK!

  11. the guy on the camera is so plesent and didn’t seems shy to talk at all i
    would be shitting myself

  12. @MrNaySmith ooohhh very very dangerous!

  13. that was so great.

  14. aaaaaaaaaaaaa………………. i’am crying 🙁

  15. българчета ;d

  16. Francisco Fernandez Jr.

    3DS’ ftw

  17. Oh My… I need this opportunity

  18. omfg you lucky bastards!!!!!!! omg i’m going to die of envy…

  19. omg- you were actually there 🙂

  20. I’m no.1,200

  21. How did you got the coach to see all the manchester united players

  22. i bet ya a liverpool bus would not do that any money

  23. Met a girl from here once through that secretshag co uk website…she was

  24. De Gea Where are

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