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Manchester United v Real Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo Post Match Interview

Manchester United v Real Madrid - Cristiano Ronaldo Post Match Interview

Manchester United v Real Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo Post Match Interview Don’t forget to like!!! Subscribe to see more videos: F…
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Follow: @WeAllFollowAFC Sunday 9th November 1997 Arsenal 3-2 Manchester United Highbury Attendance: 38205 Arsenal raced into a two goal lead with magnifican…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. cristiano is paki paki paki f##king c##t

  2. Jeremy van Winklehock

    We had Madrid beat. They had no answer to our setup. And if you think it’s
    a red card, you don’t know football. or perhaps your just bitter. For your
    sake, I hope it’s the latter.

  3. Jeremy van Winklehock

    That’s completely different. Eboue is jumping to head the ball, yet leads
    with his foot and catches Evra. Clear red card. Nani was trying to control
    the ball with his foot, and did not know where Arbeloa was. Arbeloa simply
    ran into Nani’s foot.

  4. 2008 over two legs. Thanks

  5. Our Hero

  6. You cunts are hypocrites. Did you not dive to win the penalty? Exactly.

  7. The amount of Champions League success is unrelevant anyways. The best team
    should pull through, but in this game that wasn’t the case.

  8. And we haven’t played them in 2 years… We would have beat Madrid if it
    wasn’t for the ref. This is just fact

  9. MUFC <3 Proud of the red shirts ever player was amazing

  10. Why are refs from bog standard shithole leagues like turkey allowed to
    officiate in big games. ruined the match and took all the attention away
    from the amazing players on show.

  11. that’s different, if arbeloa wasn’t there, it wouldn’t be considered
    dangerous, he would’ve brought it down and carried on. De Jong was looking
    at alonso as he approached, nani was looking at the ball, De Jong had his
    foot stupidly high, nani jumped to have more of a chance of controlling the
    ball. These points are irrelevant though, the fact is, on a stage as big as
    the champions league, if there is any dispute over a decision you give a
    yellow, so you don’t risk humiliation

  12. I love CR7 forever! MAN UTD WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR HOME!!

  13. Ronaldo said at the end of the 08/09 season when asked if he would rather
    play else where he said “in the future you never know, but I am happy at
    manchester united”

  14. Why is uefa unable to get good refs :((

  15. Not amazing enough ha ha u still lost, utd are sore losers Nani deservers 2
    b sent off it was dangerous play get over it!!

  16. his accent lol… I love it.

  17. Man no matter what team if your ten man down up against a real madrid its
    over. Deffs was foul but come on match with these high stakes no ref is
    that harsh, shouldve been a yellow

  18. We played a good game, i’m sorry you can’t appreciate that, you probably
    just need to learn more about football and then you’ll know there’s more to
    it than winning and losing 🙂

  19. Get over the red card, maybe it should have been a yellow but madrid still
    played better all in all

  20. Concentrao

  21. Ronaldo’s contract ends next season I think, he will be back without a
    doubt! Manchester United is his home, where he belongs and he knows it. 🙂

  22. Munich a natural chokers. And Real have great momentum

  23. thats the piont it was in 2008

  24. Walter Junior White

    You’re a clueless fucking cunt

  25. Just like Alonso ran into De Jong’s foot.

  26. I miss Blackburn and Leeds from the league so much. Damn, great times.

  27. +alexchelseafan Titles? pretty sure Chelsea only had one to their name pre

  28. only arsenal is the classical strong team in premie league, manch uni
    sucks, a group of bumpkins 

  29. I will never get tired of seeing Mancs grinning one minute and sad the

  30. Ian Wright and Anelka in the same team BADass, PARLOUR you BEAST you, and
    Vieira oh oh oh oh. We need an Overmars in January.

  31. Vieira Anelka French connection !!!

  32. follow

  33. Being a Benfica supporter I just wish teams in Portugal played with this
    determination. Man U and Arsenal are the top teams in England, the rest are
    just temporary.

  34. Remember these days when we had a squad packed with some of the best
    players in the world and United feared us. Look at how quickly we break on
    about the 1:45 mark of this video. The desire and determination of the
    players in this squad haven’t been matched since. This was before we were
    at our best and the players we have now still wouldn’t get into the squad. 

  35. Plz god help gunners win

  36. I hope we fuck utd up today plz

  37. This was the days when every player was hungry for goals and give 110
    percent performance

  38. There are only ever two teams in the title race. 2005 and 2006 Chelsea ran
    away with it. 2007-2011 Chelsea and United battled it out most of the
    season. And the last few years its been City and United. This year will be
    no different. By February, several teams will drop off and you will get two
    contenders. In 2 decades on 5 different teams have won it. United won it 13
    times. The Premiership is super boring in recent years.

  39. That’s because there is more than two teams that can win the league! You
    can’t have the same intensity if there are 3, 4 or 5 teams that can win the
    league. I agree with you, those games were great. But two games a season,
    maybe the odd FA Cup? Almost every week there is a game on TV that involves
    a top side looking to challenge for the title. You would sacrifice all of
    that unpredictable excitement of more teams competing for the league for a
    two-tier league La Liga?

  40. What are you talking about? I guess all those footballers back then aren’t
    multi-millionaires now then? And the top clubs never spent more than the
    bottom clubs to get the best players? And they most certainly didn’t have
    the biggest budgets i.e. bought the league did they? It wasn’t like
    Bergkamp was bought at 4-times Arsenal’s annual turnover now was it…you
    fool. When you wake, come and join the real world and stop spewing
    regurgitated bullshit. IT’S ALWAYS BEEN BOUGHT.

  41. chelsea were up and around top 5/6 since around 96 to be fair to them. City
    though were nowhere to be seen

  42. I like the days when Plauers wore baggy t shirts

  43. Fuck Man Un

  44. Arsenal,Arsenal,Arsenal

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  46. schmeichel save sensational

  47. amen. when teams were made. young players grew into great players.

  48. Chelsea is a proper team mate.. City aint. Chelsea wasnt Englands best team
    before Abramovich but atleast we won titles and played cl football while
    city werent even in the top division..

  49. I agree 100% – shit happens – live with it !

  50. Shut up. We’re not 30% of what we used to be.

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