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Manchester United vs Arsenal 10.11.13 | EPL Football Match Preview 2013

Manchester United vs Arsenal | Soccer Picks SBRForum’s Natalie Rydström previews the English Premier League match Manchester Un…

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  1. name of the song? 

  2. Hes only hyped because of fifa! Its annoying

  3. marin yes, hazard no

  4. I am sure that he will have a better charier than the 2 mentioned by you

  5. FIFA 12 EL92

  6. Arsenallord123

    arsenal should defo sign him

  7. winneralwayswins

    You guys do understand that he is 18-19 in this video? And playing for AC Milan! How is he not good? And he is not hyped. If he was then he’d be named better than Neymar. This guy is ahead of 25 year olds in the pros, give him time

  8. No I think he wants to learn how to brand his videos as well.

  9. dont have a club. Never seen a footbal ball in my life. and im still better.
    Check – Marco Marin
    check – Eden Hazard
    those are talents not this puppy chulo. not everyone who scores a goal is good.
    For a exple- first goal in this movie clip. It goes one for like a 1 min. was that good goal or was that just lucky.

  10. pikachuusedthunder

    I played with him on ultimate team and wanted to check if he was good in real life. So maybe he’s not really that good, but he was born in 1992 I think he can still grow and become a world class player.

  11. ahahahahahaah. . .  what’s your name?
    What is your club?

  12. The song is Nero-Choices thank me later 🙂

  13. Don’t see you playing for Milan.

  14. WTF is wrong with u people 😕 is he supose to be good :S i play footbal better than this guy

  15. sick player love using him on fifa

  16. Hova? Itt elég világklasszis volt Baresi,Maldini. . . A legjobb csapatban

  17. Are you stupid ? 

  18. Dont be retarded. 

  19. He is Better than The ox

  20. I disagree the Italian league has been the place with the best defenders so far, so if he was to be challenged as a striker he should grow there. For example Messi is the best player in the world 3 years straight, but since the beginning of his career he never scored a goal that was not a penalty against an Italian club. Another example is Batistuta he wasn’t very talented as a youngster but as he was being challenged in Fiorentina he got to being one of the best footballers ever.

  21. Arsenal, Man utd clubs that are renown to bringing up youngster and turning them world class he is no where near as being good as the other young talents like Gotze,Neymar,Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lucas, Wilshire.

  22. Who’d take him ? If he left Milan it would be idiotic he has to grow there this is his second season in Seria A as I think. Allegri this season was getting fucked by all the injuries. . Mexes, Thiago, Nesta, Pato for most of the season, Abate, Van bommel, Aquilani all and more injuries happened. It was the worst season in Milan’s history injury wise. He had to favour players over others he couldn’t just give chances easily because he needed subs which were not available.

  23. He needs to leave milan to become top class

  24. i think some off his teammates passes was just as good as the goals!:D

  25. Song name?

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