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Manchester United vs Arsenal (2003-04) – Ruud van Nistelrooy penalty miss – Patrick Vieira red card

21 September 2003 16:05 BST Manchester United 0–0 Arsenal Manchester Keane Booked 22′ van Nistelrooy Booked 82′ Ronaldo Booked 84′ Fortune Booked 90′ Touré …

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  1. animals

  2. Nuts how intense the rivalry was. It’s a shame we have gone back the last
    few years, compared to United but the stadium ain’t paying itself.
    Anyways, I hope we can return to these amazing rivalries that have real
    meaning instead of the oil-a-thons against these new plastic clubs coming

  3. Never gets old 

  4. May mắn cho Arsenal.

  5. Loved that, go on Keown!

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  7. He’s Dutch, not “Englich”

  8. ruud van nistelrooy is best

  9. v.nistelrooy is the best englich player ever

  10. shut up fergusmoan you mug! never managed an unbeaten side! hahah

  11. Montezemolo Zanardi

    Q. El Inter se ponga los números del la NIKE come en los años 2004 – 2005
    ..hasta ahí se puso …Per. Los americanos ..from Usa

  12. one of my favourite arsenal moments, love keown.

  13. van nistelrooy what a nobed

  14. Glory hunters are Man U fans

  15. Arsenal are shit you have to keep referring to that one fucking season.Big
    deal you went a full season with out losing wow. United won the treble.
    United are winning the league season after season. We are the team to beat.
    Plus that game keown and Patrick lacked class.

  16. nope, Preston North End F.C. did it in the 18 90’s

  17. I was talking to u sakris bogason

  18. Fuk u shut up u fuckin asswhole arsenal r better than u were the only team
    to do a whole league season unbeaten

  19. Arsenal is bad at be Winners !!

  20. Đạt Đặng Duy

    Thời ấy Ars toàn hàng khủng, anh nào cũng cao to, mạnh mẽ và bản
    lĩnh. Mất người và 1 quả pen oan mà vẫn giữ được bình tĩnh đến
    lúc cất tiếng còi chung cuộc.

  21. look at those arsenal whores they call players. Fucking piece of joke

  22. Ray parlour ” you faakin wanker ! ” to Ruud at the end . That was a bad
    challenge from Ruud on paddy . I miss the hatred . Classic times 

  23. RUUD quá hiền lành so với quy định

  24. bọn ars bú kặc tao nè , đá đã ngu còn chơi bẩn , địt mẹ ác sê nôn lồn lồn


  26. Corbin such a drug dealers name.

  27. why did you put ‘HD’ to the video title? -_-

  28. See next week…manchester united vs arsenal..old trafford

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