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Manchester United vs Arsenal Promo

Preview to Sunday match, which Arsenal visit Manchsester. Enjoy It in HD As usual thumbs up and comment.And subscribe for more videos. Se4t07 © | №30 • Made …
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  1. nice video , very nice


  3. Biggest legend ever but does anyone remember him?My biggest dream is to see him. But i know that my dream won’t come true. Legends are forgotten. I was listening stories about him from my brother. Since that day, football is a lot more than a word to me, it is my way of life. I grew up during Ronaldinho then suddenly he disappeared. I wont forget his smile. While I was writing this, i cried. I am twelve year kid and this text is intended to Ronaldinho Gaúcho one of the greatest football players ever.

  4. no problem dude. 

  5. oh broo , thanks a lot!

  6. Messi and Cristiano have never been as good as Ronaldinho and will never BE!!!!

  7. it’s a theme from last house on the left, if I’m correct. John Murphy - The End (The Last House On The Left Soundtrack)

  8. xDDD


  10. amazing

  11. My favorite player of all-time. His passion for the game and technical ability are unmatched. Always smiling, always dancing, always loving the moment.

  12. a man i will always respect. 

  13. I can cry when I see this. He’s one big legend in the footbal! Ronaldinho! ♥

  14. Neymar + Messi + Ronaldo + Pele + Maradona = Ronaldinho’s left foot

  15. its the R baby

  16. When I see Ronaldinho make me cry ='(

  17. 190 likes , c’mon to 200 likes ;DD

  18. most skillful player ever!!

  19. Ok, thank you! : )

  20. broo , sorry i dont know 🙁

  21. Please, whats the name of this piano song??

  22. roni your is amagazim editor i love youu video
    selena fan 🙂

  23. Xavi would not have been a pass master if it wasn’t for Ronaldinho
    Messi would not have such pace/ball control if it wasn’t for Ronaldinho
    Eto’o would not have scored so many goals if it wasn’t for Ronaldinho
    Barcelona would not be Barcelona if it wasn’t for Ronaldinho
    Football would not be football. . . . . . . . . . . . if it wasn’t for Ronaldinho


  25. Neymar + Messi + Ronaldo + Pele + Maradona = Ronaldinho

  26. Сашка Барадач


  27. Come on Arsenal!!! COYG!

  28. C’mon United we can win !

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