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Manchester United Vs. Liverpool | 2013 | My Experience

Manchester United Vs. Liverpool | 2013 | My Experience

GD at Old Trafford! No bad chants this time 🙂 Camera: Canon HG10 HD Music Supplied b…


  1. 55,000 season ticket holders at united so stfu u all are gloryhunters
    , ‘Singing about 96’- a bad chant , what about when city fans sing about
    busby air crash

  2. What a game

  3. lol football would be shit without rivalry

  4. I, a Manchester resident, went with another Manchester resident.

  5. Thats like saying everyone who likes who likes a certain artist and hasnt
    been to their concert is a bad thing lol

  6. Well it is, because they tend to shut off around 450 seats per game. WHO DO

  7. I wish i didnt live in USA 🙁 go 2 these alot if in England

  8. Who do you think, and why are you so concerned about who I support?

  9. Liverpool til I die ynwa

  10. no bad chants :L Singing about the 96 Victims again the scum

  11. Robin van persie u no what u r arsenal till I die


  13. haha,glory glory man united,copied right off Tottenham hotspur,they made
    the famous song so shit

  14. Been there and walked down that road

  15. Probably Liverpool or some team struggling for trophies with a shit
    stadium. And don’t tell me I’m a glory supporter because I’m from Oldham.

  16. so an attendance of 75,501 is crap is it?

  17. Van Persie should have gone to city instead of scum. He was on about both
    Manchester clubs but he chose scum!

  18. TheFormidableForce

    Most ignorant and disgusting fans in the world are the manc scumbags

  19. Go Man U v.percie for ever

  20. Ynwa

  21. United’s ground hold’s 30,000 more fans than Anfield yet we still have
    louder support.

  22. y support Liverpool you glory hunters oh wait

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