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Manchester United Vs Manchester City 3-2 ALL GOALS 9.12.2012
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  1. Keep singing 6-1
    Keep singing 4-1
    We have 13 premier league titles you only have 1

  2. City are a joke club!

  3. city fan since 2003, losing every week back then never made me think twice about supporting a team I truly loved back then.. from the new stadium to the players back in days, thats what was great about supporting a team you would stick with to the end. All this change in money is great but whenever we lose I just think about the time when we lost a large amount of games.

  4. No, to be honest it’s really not. For a club to spend more than 200 million and still crash out of the Champions League like last season is embarrassing. That is why United will be always better than City despite their shortcomings and without the aid of financial support, and as a matter of fact, as a United fan, I would rather lose to a full strength 300 million dollar squad City 4-1 than lose to a promoted championship team such as Cardiff 2-1.

  5. that joke is so 2000-late kid

  6. have City even won a Champions League match yet? HAHAHAHA

  7. 21 Seconds little Chinese guy celebrating Wazza’s goal

  8. united fans continue watching this 4-1 reason.. haha MCFC

  9. kemak juak mc

  10. always like arabic commentator :3 <3

  11. Arabic commentators <3

  12. red

  13. Man City are a tiny little speck on the English landscape. Arsenal, United and Liverpool are always going to be the countries institutional clubs, Man City, Chelsea, Anzhi, Monaco, all across Europe no one takes them seriously, just small clubs owned by oil/gas thieves

  14. they are arabic thou

  15. skis indera shahbandar

    x best langsung,,,,,,bt malu je kalah,,,,booo bioo boo

  16. shut up 4-1 minute

  17. Man city fans won’t learn lol keep singing 6-1 and 4-1 we will keep singing 20-1 MUFC

  18. 4-1 now ,why?

  19. 6-1, 4-1… we’re making a nice collection won’t you agree? CTID

  20. No you won’t, we’ll thrash you again at Trafford too… Man city master class ahaha you got dominated by a far better side!
    Having RVP on would have made no difference, your shaky defence and predictable, recessive midfield were exposed… again.
    Its fun watching the red ship sink under the blue moon aha.
    Go rename your club, because you aren’t even a Manchester club, you lot are based in Salford aha!

  21. ahahahaha 4-1! ahahaha! sits nicely next to 6-1 doesn’t it? 6-1 and 4-1. two thrashings, home and away! the red ship is sinking under the blue moon ahaha! CTID

  22. … only because Hart made an error and you were wrongly awarded a free kick for tripping over your own bootlaces which, even then, only went in because of an error in the wall. We just played poorly… you didn’t play any better. So, your 2 bullshit goals aside, we’d have beaten you 2-1. ps – 6-1 & 4-1 bitches!!!!! CTID!

  23. alajaaaaaaaa

  24. Moyes is terrible how can you have chicha kagawa nani on the bench . 4 place at best

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