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Manchester United’s Nick Powell scores a belter in England U21s training

Manchester United's Nick Powell scores a belter in England U21s training

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  1. did anyone else see the Baphomet hand gesture in the opening sequence wtf?

  2. alot of wasted talent these days machieda, Powell and was pogba

  3. powell can play DCM as well better deployed in CM rle though

  4. You know that Fergie was converting Powell to CM, and Moyes will continue to do so?

  5. Wow… another brilliant goal in training… L0L!

  6. You know that Powell is a CAM?

  7. Dominic Richardson

    fantastic strike there.

  8. Much better than Cleverley.

  9. seems the youngsters dont get a chance anymore at utd. hopefully they wont do a pogba

  10. Why do people insist on feeding trolls? Are you that dumb?

  11. It’d bought him for 4million

  12. TottenhamTilliDie114


  13. He had a lot of injuries last year and CM is a hard position to throw young players in. He’ll get plenty of game time and experience at Wigan, then next year he could be pushing himself into United’s side

  14. He can do it in a real game, he scored some beasty goals at crewe and in his debut for united in the premier league he scored one like this

  15. Shame he can’t do that in a real game as he’s not even given a chance at united

  16. It still pisses me off that he hasn’t been given much of a chance at united, we need to start giving him and januzaj more first team games

  17. Next Scholes!

  18. Powell eats these for breakfast. Dude’s got a powerful right foot

  19. Hope he gets feature next season for Manchester United.

  20. Super Nicky Powell. Had a season ticket at crewe and met him!

  21. Damn, he caught that nicely

  22. Damn that was a rocket

  23. new Scholes

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