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Manchester United’s ‘Red Army’ hooligan gang

Manchester United's 'Red Army' hooligan gang

Manchester United’s Red Army was the heyday of football hooliganism, so now meet the men behind the mayhem. Colin Blaney now an author was once a grafter on …
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Marouane Fellaini - Welcome To Manchester United - Goals & Skills - 2013 HD

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  1. That’s perfect and I think they should play that formation too…but the question is WILL MOYES choose the same it’s all on how he sets up the team so If it’s not set up right we’re fucked this season

  2. and people say Manchester United wont be a force this season !!! you haters keep dreaming and so will we…the difference is that you will dream sleeping on the bed, while we will dream at the Theatre Of Dreams !!!
    its not called THEATRE OF DREAMS for nothing
    so shut up !! and stop hating just because of 1 bad game…we will be back GGMU

  3. I fully believe in David Moyes.If he thinks Fellaini is Manchester United material,than I say he is.Gotta let go of old legends and focus on making new ones.Fans play a great role in that process.Have faith.We lose together,we win together.If you refuse to be part of one,you can’t be part of the other.STAND BY YOUR PLAYERS!!! GGMU


    SO TRUE – “If you can’t be with us when we loose, you can’t be with us WHEN WE WIN” Fellaini is just what we need – the detroyer! we already got the passer – kagawa (FK give him game TIME ALREADY!!) and our box to box carrick (very underrated technically) rooney can play that position too! make him box to box THEN we get to play rvp rooney and kagawa(DONT LET HIM GO! moyes)

  5. Afro

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  7. skills hahahahaa……….head butting machine

  8. Spend money on world class players moyes and not fellaini #woodwardout

  9. David moyes .. I hate you. U Want fellaini instead of ozil .. I hope u get fired soon. Wish the all Best for Manchester United

  10. Coming from an Arsenal fan, why would you not want Fellaini in your team? He is absolute class at 3 positions and will get you victories simply off of set pieces. Out of all of the midfield options Man Utd were linked with, Fellaini was the best option

  11. We are Realistic not plastic, ozil wanted to join united over arsenal but we didnt made a bid. #WoodWardOut #GlazersOut

  12. fellaini will bring some steel to the midfield

  13. The shitiest song ever

  14. De Gea
    Van Persie

  15. fellaini and carrick will play at heart of midfield no doubt about that..
    + if moyes gives kagawa playing time,,oh my word that will be some team =D so much balance…calmness of carrick,,strength of fellaini,,pace and dribbles of our wingers (not young :-p ) ,, vision of kagawa and rooney and at last finish of RVP !!! well balanced…maybe its just me but i think kagawa is the real deal…why are we crying over ozil when we have our hiroshima bomb with us…see him in BVB with ur mouth closed

  16. CurtisJBlackburn54

    Fuck all the fans who doubt fellaini and moyes decision to sign him, he is exactly what United need.

  17. CurtisJBlackburn54

    Fuck al, the

  18. 1:44 Fellaini destroys joe hart. vote up.

  19. Ball winner

  20. yup true that

  21. agreed but rooney only wants to play centrally otherwise he’s a whingeing cunt. Also I prefer Kagawa a bit deeper where he can dictate the play a bit more – a bit more like Xavi. I do think however that RVP can drop back behind Chicharito. However our dream will never come true – trust me he will stick with the wingers in the system and hence we’ll be seeing a lot more of Valencia, Nani and even bloody Young

  22. Which is the song in credits ??

  23. I’ll play 4-3-2-1 with :

    Back 4

    Anytime before playing useless Cleverly.
    And i would play Zaha before Nani anytime.

  24. 6’4 and moves like he’s 5’10 and the the touch of a female pornstar.
    Yes, i love this move. Now can we get rid of valencia young and anderson and allow zaha kagawa and adnan some playing time??????

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