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Meet Real Madrid CF: Álvaro Arbeloa — adidas Football

We asked fans to tweet us their questions for Real Madrid defender Álvaro Arbeloa. The Spanish international took time out from training in the US to answer …
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  1. Severo paquetee

  2. mira que eres malo ………..y pelota …..sino no se entiende…borde que eres un borde!!

  3. Why does everyone hate him so much?! He’s not that bad!

  4. Captain!!!

  5. Amor mio *_* TQMMMMMMM

  6. Arbeloa,Why you suck at defending so much?

  7. La verdad es que el hombre cuando Ancelotti lo puso como lateral izquierdo, jugó bien, hizo un buen partido.

  8. puta real mandril

  9. rip arbeloa


  11. Watch my 93 mph shot adidas snap shot on my youtube profile

  12. Busquets is not racist ..
    If you are romanian you would understand …):

  13. it does sound like it sounds like your madrids bitches and your bowing down to them or something or worshipinh them wtf is hala hala r u praying or war

  14. eres estúpido o te rebota el cerebro?

  15. hala Madrid sounds like if the team is ontop of the fans and all the fans are sucking on their dicks

  16. visca barca

  17. arbeloa sucks dick

  18. Arbeloa is shit

  19. realmadrid isthebest

    do ozil!!!

  20. arbeloa eres un patata Carvajal te quitara el puesto!!!!

  21. Montoya is better.

  22. Barcaaaaaaa. (((((( NIKEEE

  23. Still a better defender than Arbeloa.. oh wait

  24. Come back to Anfield where legends are born

  25. carla rojas bautista

    Hala Madrid <3 orgullo, pasión & Sentimiento

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