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Home / Montreal Impact Open Saputo Stadium vs Seattle Sounders 6/16/2012 – Full Match

Montreal Impact Open Saputo Stadium vs Seattle Sounders 6/16/2012 – Full Match

SPOILER ALERT*** MONTREAL — The Montreal Impact channeled the energy of a pulsating crowd into arguably their best performance as an MLS franchise on Sat…


  1. i flagged for spam cos im watching in 2012. . .

  2. 2012** :D

  3. @ 1:17 watching that Gerrard strike is like having an orgasm

  4. im watching it in 2012 😀

  5. i still remember t
    this today liverpool rock and always will

  6. Like this if you’re watching this in 2011! 😀


  8. First comment. . . since three months. 😛

  9. kevin davies is absolutley the best

  10. @1:16 Gerrard pile driver, go careful Stevie before someone gets hurt!

  11. 1:15 WOOOW!! . . . u can;t bring cannons to the field steve. . . .

  12. He does. It’s next to his right

  13. Johnson there defender gets past all the players and scores goals

    and in this match even torres could be the goal keeper

  14. then you obviously havent seen his goals against derby- home and away

  15. Gerrard is just a legend. 

  16. @hughzi95 yeah good one mate.
    looks like you have no education. fag

  17. torres has no left foot.

  18. watchign now :)

  19. This is Canada.

  20. Dont get me wrong i do like watching the game in any country more so MLS as an Arsenal legend Thierry Henry plays so enjoy watching his games.

  21. no problem :)

  22. Seattle…LOL

  23. American here. I agree with you, the Premier leauge is played at a quicker pace then the MLS. The Premier leauge is always a treat to watch.

  24. Not hating but the tempo of the game seems slower than in the English game, but I only support Arsenal so that’s just my opinion : )

  25. thank you

  26. Why you watching the video then?

  27. But obviously it would have been smarter too write the time of the video? But of course, that takes more effort. Calm down btw

  28. wasnt with the impact at that time

  29. i never said the teams are better, all i said was mls doesn’t suck it’s got tons of goals and it’s actually entertaining with the “not has good players”.

  30. Where’s Nesta???

  31. because playing football in america is like rejecting an offer from barcelona to play with them. and he doesnt play for MLS cause its toooooooooooo shit

  32. look guys its the teams that are shit not the players thats what makes it a crap league i mean lokk at epl
    man city
    man utd

    look at bundesliga
    bayern leverkuesen
    schakle 04
    bayern munchen
    werder bremen

    look at liga bbva
    real madrid
    athletico madrid
    athletico bilbao

    seriously MLS seriously

  33. Fuck you guys, THE REAL GOALS ARE AT: 18:00, 53:30, 1:00:00, 1:03:20 and 1:29:15

  34. most of the players in the mls aren’t even american…

  35. it’s called MAJOR LEAGUE SOCCER(mls)

  36. i never said it is better than europe

  37. I used to play for Ayr Utd in the Scottish 2 Division, and got paid petrol money for turning up. Clearly if i moved here i’d get paid a bomb, and i would look amazing!! wait i’m only 21… I could still do it!

  38. 1st

  39. u say that but i dont see u playing in the mls….

  40. He means the match time you Mongo

  41. Steven Damian Tacle

    @Paul Singh

  42. soccer in america sucks………

  43. WOW just realised how low the level of football is in MLS league when compared to european football…

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