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Montreal MLS 2012: Montreal Soccer History

Take a look back at Montreal soccer history. First aired during Montreal’s MLS expansion press conference on May 7th, 2010.
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  1. Montreal is a very good Soccer Market much better then in Baseball

  2. Montreal has 3 playoff championships. A bunch of regular season and canadian championships too. They will be a better market than Vancouver.

  3. Christopher Gerstle

    D.C. United won the CONCACAF Championship in 1998, followed by LA Galaxy in 2000, and Real Salt Lake made it to the final in 2011.

  4. falta maradona!!

  5. Can’t for Montreal to enter the MLS next season, the rivalry with Toronto will be fantastic!

  6. If MLS wants to make money then these are cities they should expan to
    Atlanta: Create a Rivalry with Florida’s MLS teams
    Florida (Maimi or Tampa Bay): Creat a Rivalry with Atlanta
    Edmonton: Create a stronger Canadian Championship Rivalry
    St. Louis: Create a rivalry with Chicago and Kansas
    …Detriot: Creat a rivalry with Toronto and Chicago
    San Antonio or Austin: Create a stronger Texas Derby Rivalry

  7. reddevilmercier3

    cant wait, i might be linked with a chance to play for montreal when they are in the MLS, i am connected with a scout

  8. montreal a besoin des meilleurs joueurs pas des italiens ou francais il faut mieux que sa

  9. Canada for the Win!!

  10. 52 WEEKS!

  11. First of all, this video was meant to show that the Impact have been around for quite a few years. Secondly, what will they bring to the MLS? Just wait and see because last time I checked they made it to the quaterfinals of the CONCACAF Champions League in 2008, (has any MLS teams even done that before?). They won their league’s championship in 2009 and are now in the middle of a rebuilding process for their inaugural 2012 MLS season. Trust me, they’re going to be hard to beat in MLS

  12. MaryseOnTheRadio


  13. I hope the Whitecaps and Toronto FC make the finals!!

  14. What year was this montage video made; to me it looks like it’s from the 1990’s. I would like to see how they will make an impact in MLS. Seattle Sounders joined MLS last year and won the MLS Open Cup two years in a row; the elusive MLS cup trophy still eludes them. I still can’t believe that Colorado Rapids won this years MLS Cup trophy; what the heck happened to NY Redbulls, Columbus Crew, and LA Galaxy?! The 2011 season will hopefully see the NY Redbulls reach the final again.

  15. When will NJ have their own MLS team?! We have the Redbulls, but they aren’t called NJ/NY Redbulls no more. I think that more states, including upstate NY should have a team that competes in the MLS.

  16. Montreal is definitely a Major League caliber Soccer Market

  17. Fuck you and don’t ever use that insult to an American!!

  18. noonegives ashit

    fuckoff go play your curling while wearing a kilt you fucking square head.

  19. Impacts blow!!!!!

  20. Thomas Huynh-Marsot

    Yeah like La poutine of Montreal ?! Shut up the fucka big pussy

  21. Impact is a fucking pussy name. They should choose something that evokes Quebecs unique cultural situation , and that dosen’t sound like a random franchise.

  22. mls in atl
    I say yes

  23. Impact FTW !

  24. They will if they start to act on the pitch like a professional team.
    For now, they act like semi-pros (at best).

  25. video fantastique. incroyable. montreal va faire bien en MLS. allez les bleus!

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