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Pepe Reina – Where is my mind | Liverpool FC | 2012/2013

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  1. non those save were from 2012/13

  2. The concept are reaaaaaally same like FernandoTorres Where is my mind by TheVladVideo ;D

  3. why do Spanish goalies make so many mistakes

  4. i think he sorta lost his form a couple of years ago but he definitely made up for it last season in my sad to see him go..hope he will stay after his loan

  5. Song Name: yoav feat emily browning where is my mind

  6. i know where is…in napoli!!!! welcome!!

  7. Being a goal keeper isn’t easy, Pepe Reina has his games, and recently just had a few bad seasons,and some of the liverpool fans aren’t helping, we all know what he’s capable of he’s a top class keeper

  8. youre not a “plastic fan” just because you think a player isnt good enough anymore.

  9. Come to SSC Napoli, Pepe, we’ll make you strong again, we’ll be proud of you…….

  10. He only needs to go, WELCOME TO NAPLES

  11. SONG?? PLEASE!! ^___^

  12. gianandrea fiorillo

    WELCOME TO NAPLES 2013/2014 …. vamos pepe!!!!!!!

  13. Was the best keeper in the world for a time or at least in the top one. Mignolet looks solid enough though

  14. he’ll come back, he’s a top player

  15. Why are you’s saying welcome to barce haha you’s are stuck with that heep of shite in goal till next season ha 🙂

  16. Reina crack ni te nuevas de ahí,Visca el Barça!

  17. no no este paquete que no venga al barcelona rossell por favor


  19. Ca'few. jakkrapong.

    เลน่าคนเดิมหายไปไหน ??

  20. really ?
    what will you say about that
    public.tableausoftware. com /views/ PepeReinaPremierLeagueSavePercentage/Save200506-201213?: embed= y&: display_count = no

  21. vilanova no se te ocurra fichar a este paquete

  22. vilanova no se te ocurra fichar a pepe reina porque no ganamos ni la supercopa

  23. Goodbye Reina

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