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PES 2014 PC – Full Gameplay Footage – Manchester United vs Real Madrid [HD7770 – Full Match]

This is my first video of PES 2014, showcasing a full PC version match between Manchester United and Real Madrid, played on the amazing “Old Trafford”. The g…
Video Rating: 3 / 5


  1. I’m glad you like the game. It is the best that everyone enjoy the game they bought and that is my conclusion. For me, Fifa is better to play. If somebody like Pes more, I’m glad he enjoy it more, and that he is satisfy with the product he bought. Period.

  2. after playing the first time i felt the same but after 1 week its the best game ever , I dont know why it was feeling slow at first but nw am really impressed with it , its the best simulation foot game till now ..

  3. That is how real life is! Shots are exactly as fast as real life! Games are not monotone… they are lively and the crowd cheers when their team wins the ball, and home crowd cheers when their OWN team scores, etc. Look at the crowd and atmosphere in this video!! So alive and not ‘monotone’: 2:48 . If you think it is boring, you should watch a real football match, and that is the same. FIFA is an arcade game, and you can score many goals in one game, move the players too quick and unrealistic.

  4. that sound at 08:28 is the sound of bots lmfao . you hacked some ppl 🙂

  5. PES is boring football. Fifa is real simulation. I played pes 2014 and it is boring, and unrealistic. Especially shooting is too slow and unrealistic, and flipping ball from one foot to another all the time is very boring. Game is monotone. It is not like real football. Fifa puts much more excitement, and it deliver much better passing and dinamic and shoting.

  6. Played pes 2014 today, and it is too slow, boring. Shots are too slow, unrealistic, boring. Game is too monotone, always the same pushing, flipping ball from one foot to another. Even fifa 2013 is way better and more realistic. Now I wait for fifa 2014 to play.

  7. Александр Козаченко

    Real Madrid is never play like that)

  8. I will still play PES 2013 not this fail (2014)

  9. PES 2013 is better than 2014

  10. Eres Malo Porque Esta En Alevin y Segundo Ozil Sigue En El Real Madrid …

  11. I hate commentatory!

  12. konami that time suck

  13. please. learn to play then start to record any movie. your play here is a trash.

  14. Pes has in proved but FIFa lot better

  15. i have same specs but my pes runs worst than yours. a little bit slowly and graphic is worst.

  16. is this the mobile version? lol

  17. same f*** comentator 5 years !!!!
    is boring !!!
    and im PES fan

  18. since when is ozil plaing at madrid in 2014?

  19. The controlling of PES 2014 is not hard (maybe lower the difficulty..?) It is realistic. Remember, you are controlling a PERSON that doesn’t move like a robot. The passing and shooting have been complained about in FIFA14 also, but EA and Konami are trying to simulate real life actions and movement. In PES14 the passes and shots need to be timed correctly and in proper stride of the player. You can’t just make the player’s leg snap to the ball and shoot/pass like before, like in real life.

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  21. the controlling of PES 2014 is too hard, not feleixable like PES 2013, and the pointing pass also, the shoot is’s hard to place it and shoot it with ur better foot, it’s just shoots randomly

  22. dude i hv a prob when i play during the passing it shows like a mark on the screen the ball goes to it !!!!! can ya help to take it offfff plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz makes me sick plz

  23. PES looks ok but the commentary is annoying!! In my opinion Fifa is 100% better 😀

  24. Lel fifa is better

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