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Post-match reaction: Chelsea 2 – 0 Hull City

Post-match reaction: Chelsea 2 - 0 Hull City

All the post-match reaction following our win at Stamford Bridge yesterday. More on Chelsea TV here…


  1. I will say this whenever I see that scum bag called Jason Cundy; he’s the
    biggest a*s hole ever associated with Chelsea FC and I hope he gets dropped
    from his position as the presenter of Chelsea TV. If u ever meet him in
    person you will know what I mean. He thinks he’s a Chelsea legend and
    disrespects anyone who he thinks is not a “true” Chelsea fan. Absolute scum
    and a dirt bag. No respect at all for his fellow Chelsea supporters, unless
    you’re English.

  2. Fuck off spam bastard go die

  3. yeah.. yeah…yeah.yeah.. yeahh LoL Schurrle!

  4. Lewandowski is the best player on BVB.

  5. you are probably a chelsea fan since 2012 judging by your username….
    Borussia Dortmund made it the champions league final even though they are
    financially crippled… Celtic fc made it past group stage, how did chelsea
    do in the cl group stage oohh wait they lost and got di mateo fired go fuck
    urself u bandwagoner ur chelsea fan since 2012..

  6. He’s white, you bitch. He’s not some retarded shit stain like Ramires.

  7. I like how your just a fan of one player who has only played for Chelsea a
    couple of seasons

  8. Yes, statistically he is. By saying Reus is best, I meant my favourite 🙂

  9. Chav cunts

  10. Liverpool will rape u

  11. How the fuck could you say that. Reus is an exceptionally good player and
    he is is with out a doubt better then the entire Chelsea squad except from
    Mata. Obviously by looking at your name your a Hazard fan good for you now
    compare Reus to hazard, assists, goals and goals and assists for their

  12. chelsea was always underrated in fifa, thats the reason why i stopped
    playing it, in pes, chelsea is one of the best clubs

  13. What the hell are you talking about? What does Reus have to do with this
    video? And why do you hate Reus, the best player of BVB?


  15. Can we still sign Lampard with the Humber Bridge?

  16. u are funny


  18. Lamp’s free kick was awesome and the first 20 mins was outstanding play
    from Chelsea

  19. Even if they do, I imagine their potential will be fantastic on career mode

  20. When was the last time you won the premier league… oh wait.

  21. No they didn’t… Look at Monaco’s Twitter.

  22. just sign with rooney

  23. Schurrle: ” um yeah, um yeah, um yeah…”

  24. Tell him bro

  25. Andre “yeah” Schrulle

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