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Real madrid 1-0 Barca final coup du roi d Espagne 20-04-2011

Real madrid vs barca final coup du roi d Espagne 20-04-2011.

Amistoso Real Madrid 2 x 1 United Manchester, Melhores momentos No encontro de ex-jogadores de Manchester United e Real Madrid, foram os merengues que levara…
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  1. fuck 4 

  2. ahahahah remember 5-0 haahahah suck on that little twat

  3. Suck on that barça? Like four days after barcelona eliminated madrid in UEFQ CL kid, shut your mouth


  5. HULULULUL.. barca lol

  6. Franco??? LOL!! You don’t know jack about Spanish History.

  7. дмитрий мир

    Hala Madrid

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  9. visca barca anti madrid

  10. Terate kirek isone mok mberok” lur.jak gelut ra wani wi..trah senajan terate kirek JEMBOT ogk..ECEK LE..KECREK’O AE LE SING MELU kirek terate.KON NGECREKNE MBOK’E KNO.

  11. Real Madrid played like shit in that match and deserved to lose. And that is good for players to learn.

  12. 11-1 ? what about franco ? you dont really think that barca lost ! kid

  13. what about 11/1..kid ?

  14. Fue cuando se hizo mierda la copa del rey

  15. Fuck you too madrid loserssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  16. okay what about 5-0 ??

  17. You’re TOTALLY wrong in that CL the first match was 2-0 and the second 1-1, and every Real Madrid fan was feeling robbed after that, because of the D. Alves extreme dive Pepe red card and from the stolen goal to Higuaín in the second match.

  18. Just don’t type anything. If you’re angry, go talk to somebody IRL about it who cares.
    Your comment here on the internet in invalid.
    Oh and Copa del Rey is something, If it wasn’t it wouldn’t exist.

  19. i mad about the reason that you think copa del rey is something anime boy

  20. … i remember that season in this season barca beat real 5-0 and 2-0 in the CL and won la liga and the CL and real madrid won this copa del rey.. what a joke

  21. rolling around on the ground just to give the opposing player a yellow or red card , like shown in the video David Vila rolling around and once Ramos and arbeloa lift him up he seems to be fine and goes around pushing them like …. Come on bro I see kids 16-18 playing soccer getting hit harder then that and still continue to play

  22. This is a perfect example for why I hate Barcelona , yeah your players are world class players and no doubt among the best in the world .. But please every time they get knocked they fall on there ass and roll around like they got shot like come on get up and play soccer no one wants to see pussies

  23. real madrid best club ever

  24. Caraca!!
    nem parece que são ex jogadores de boa.

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