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Real Madrid || Dream Team || 2012

PLEASE WATCH IN FULL HD! My new video about the best football club in the world Real Madrid. My best video until now, which shows that Real Madrid are an abs…



  2. this is a VIDEO!!!!

  3. Real MAdryt PIEKNO

  4. U cant fuck with bayern

  5. Neranjan Rajapaksa

    “Real Madrid’
    Best Team Ever And Forever…….. 🙂

  6. What a Saison.
    Hala Madrid

  7. Beatiful movie! Good job SportChannelMadrid:) Hala Madrid!:)

  8. 3:17 my favorite part.

  9. Cristiano Van Persie

    Real Madrid dream team 2013 Pleeeeeeaseee

  10. One of the best Videos !!!

  11. fuckin amazing, you are simply the best!!!

  12. every real madrid fan should watch this video!
    if you face any problem of download you will find it on my channel

  13. Coming from a Real Madrid fan, totally agree with you. Stupid Perez who insists on buying the talent, when we don’t need to. It’s far better to use your own farmhouse than to rent another’s.

  14. Barca shits their pants when they watch this.

  15. HALA MADRID! I am sure with Ancelotti and Zidane the old days where he won the UCL will come back ! AT least we didn’t win it unfair as barca did 2006 ( Benfica and AC Milan disallowed goal),2009 and 2011

  16. Mansour Al Hamadi

    You’re not even funny. Nobody asked you to like football! And I think football have enough fans to say that it is the best sport in the world! And by the way it’s called football not soccer!!

  17. Worst divers and cheates ever…. oh wait…… all soccer sucks

  18. best team ever fuck the new ucl madris still the best

  19. I personally don’t want Real to buy Suarez. I think it would be better if they let Higuain go (he wants to go), and give more opportunity to Morata and Jesé, who are 2 great young talents.

  20. THE ONLY thing lacking in real madrid is team chemistry everyone knows this is true still they are the best at counterattack thats skill

  21. Amnaizing! HASTA EL FINAL VAMOS REAL!!! HALA MADRID!!!! <3


  23. Please buy Suarez and let higuain go already

  24. If this is the real madrid is there a fake madrid?

  25. good job mate, great video
    Hala Madrid !!

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