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Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid 1-2 All Goals and Highlights

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid 1-2 All Highlights And Goals Copa del Rey – 17.05.2013 Atletico Madrid Champion! Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid 1-2 Real Madrid…
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  1. Bitch please, 7up.

  2. Wazzupp!! GOOooooooooooooooooooooooooolll!!

  3. Im a Real Madrid fan, but I wanna say Congratioulations to Atletico Madrid they fully deserved this trophy, they are great CHAMPIONS and goodluck to atletico next season

  4. I LOVE it when Raouf Khlif is the commentator!

  5. the way costa celebrates compared to ronaldo, wow.
    cost thanks god,ronaldo celebrates cocky and selfishly like always…thats why no one like cry, especially after this year. big fail for him lol

  6. Ronaldo gO to al Qaida fc next saison be cause he hate real madrid he sayid messi is number one and he say id where im goooo wtf

  7. Si te gusta chatear por facebook, youtube o navegas a menudo por internet esto te interesará

  8. why not haha spain?
    Germany is coming!!!!!!!!!

  9. JunnyTheGame2010

    bye bye real hahahahah

  10. I agree the Commetator.

  11. fuck MADRID,FUCK ronaldo..

  12. Gaylando, Pepe , Hierro, …. the best dirtier player in this planet
    Aupa Atleti Gracies Barça

  13. Haha MAndril et 7 up out etspecial 0 jjaajajajajaja
    el chulo special 3 3 copas

  14. Stop fighting abd come and relax ur mind at my channel with free movies up barca

  15. 2-2 is losing a game? Explain me please

  16. Mourinho needs to go. Not 1 trophy this season. That’s a total failure. I’m so disappointed for being a Madrid fan. And Barcelona fans, I wouldn’t be talking. You guys won the Liga and still lost to Madrid in both games. Congratufuckinglations. That’s how shitty La Liga is.

  17. malypowstaniec44

    Haha Madrid and 7up

  18. That kick did hit the player on the face, NOSE, it was bleeding, had to put cotton to stop the bleeding.. Remember cameras doesn’t always clearly show contact on fast movements..
    DIVANALDO was KICKING THE WHOLE GAME, FOULING, DIVING, ACTING, COMPLAINING…. Should have been RED CARDED long ago for kicking & limping injury culf from the back when the ball was 10 feet away
    Deserved 2 red cards, 3 Yellow, Penaldo was DIRTY the whole game.. Lately he has been doing what Ibra and Ramos does….


  20. Sore Loser!

  21. I do.

  22. Why not? I prefer this over boring English commentary.

  23. this was a match between vs wtf does GS to do with this

  24. dude it’s about the highlights, nobody cares about the langauge.

  25. they are both madrid:P

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