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Real Madrid vs Juventus: Pepe and Llorente give inside scoop

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  1. Zidane is the greatest both mentally and physically

  2. Noone has ever come close to zizou’s class. . what a legend!!

  3. Both 

  4. Don t know if there are any fifa players here but how awesome would a tean with zidane sif benzema and sif ben arfa up front be haha

  5. Zinedine Zidane nr1 forever

  6. lol number 5

  7. left is weaker foot

    zidane: “BITCH PLEASE” 😀

  8. Well, I believe that Zizou and Ronaldo are the top 2 footballers. For me Zidane is the best, but you think Ronaldo is. I also love Ronaldo very much, so I 100% respect your opinion. . .

  9. after Ronaldo!!!

  10. What’s his main foot?

  11. he its just pure perfection!

  12. ReserviorBasterds

    Messi and Ronaldo being the only exceptions ;)


  14. Here’s the difference my friend. . Messi did that because he’s fast, zidane did that because he can “read” defender’s mind. . By the time that fast players reach above 30 & start to loose their pace, can they still do that? If i have to choose vision vs speed i’ll 100% go for the vision. .

  15. just love that

  16. Messi did just that a few games ago with 5 defenders. Let’s not make such fatalistic affirmations.

  17. best player ever!

  18. and people think xavi iniesta and messi are better than him?

  19. watching him i feel disgusted that people think lampard is a good player. . . 

  20. wait, what foot?

  21. I think number 6 was my fave but so hard to choose.

  22. So he was right and left-footed?

  23. 0:51 Puyol bites the dust! 😀 thats what zizou can do!!

  24. le n°5 avec bordeaux est parfait

  25. vive la juventus

  26. Forza Juve.

  27. Can’t wait for this game. Forza Juve!

  28. Hala Madrid & Forza Juve <3 <3 <3

  29. Juve per sempre! Forza bianconeri!

  30. Anatoli Pribilski

    Forza Juve!

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