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Real Madrid will face Raul’s Al-Sadd for the XXXV Santiago Bernabéu Trophy

Al-Sadd will be the rival of Real Madrid in the next edition of the Santiago Bernabéu Trophy. The Qatari team will play against the Whites on Thursday August…


  1. CheGuevaraRules

    Welcome to Manchester United! 😀

  2. Come to Chelsea Kawaga!

  3. it says in the fucking description twat!

  4. frankysayballz


  5. ThePhoenixfirez

    Brilliance. . . . . the player and the uploader

  6. Under rated Because he’s asian. . . . . But he is a beast. . . . . . 😀

  7. Soundtrack please?

  8. come to United!! 😀

  9. anindarinantari

    I like your skill Kagawa, from Indonesia

  10. really cool video i liked it alot.
    but i think you used the glowing effect a little to much

  11. looking forward to it!

  12. Funnily enough just working on one!! :)

  13. amazing video mate! please make a video of Ben arfa!
    would be great! 😀

  14. Thankyou really appreciate it =)

  15. CurlyFootballer

    This video is so epic great editing i like the whole thinhg:P

  16. amazing!

  17. Thanks bud!

  18. CurlyFootballer

    Good videoo mate!

  19. @TH45i Cheers!

  20. Kagawa & Your class video , Great selection of music and fantastic edit!

  21. Kagawa or my video? Both i hope! 🙂

  22. Perfection.

  23. Real offered Raul to stay and this was confirmed by Mourinho and Raul himself. It was Guti that was being let go. Raul said he offered to leave to give younger players a chance to shine (Ronaldo, Higuain, Benzema) and that he can get games week in week out in another team. Which is fair to Raul and to Madrid. And in terms of testimonial, it’s something that is usually given to a player when he retires/about to retire. Bergkamp’s testimonial was the season after he retired, so it makes sense.

  24. I love Raúl with all my heart! I wish he never left, I wanted to see him end his career at Real Madrid :'(

  25. Who else repeated Redondo’s part several times here?

  26. Raul shouldn’t have left Real Madrid. He still got it. He could’ve still played his whole career in Madrid and remain and retire a one-club man. Well, that won’t happen. Well, this is just the Bernabeu Trophy, correct? Not his testimonial, correct?

  27. What number?

  28. The first goal of the video was awesome. Does anyone know which match was it..

  29. The LEGEND is back 😀

  30. Welcome back raul

  31. That obviously proves that ballon d’or is unfairly given.UEFA MAFIA!

  32. My favourite player. It’s good to see him again in RM jersey.

  33. Hala Madrid!!!

  34. Hala Madrid

  35. Raul vuelve eres el 7 de españa!!

  36. argubly greatest real madrid player.

  37. I still can’t believe how they let Raul go, without a final goodbye game. Shame on Real for treating such a class player without the dignity and respect he deserved. He gave his heart to this team, who just chewed and spat him out like he was nothing. Clearly I am still not over it!

  38. Hala Madrid

  39. Jason Bustillo Gonzales

    amazing raul will play once more for real madrid hala madrid #r7 #raul4ever

  40. Rm was a lil bit dump when they gave Raul to Shalke .we coulld have keep him 2 more years and then he would retire and have an administrative role in rm. Anyway it will be a great match.

  41. He is the best!

  42. I feel it’s long time, Can’t wait 3 !

  43. Can’t wait! :O ♥

  44. Cannot wait to see Raul with the madrid jersey again! So excited class legend striker and role model!

  45. I like Ronaldo, but Raul is Real Madrid’s real number 7.

  46. eduardoromerojr0104


  47. That award is not about the best player. Is about the player that the media likes more…

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