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Resumen de FC Barcelona B (2-1) CD Lugo – HD

Resumen de FC Barcelona B (2-1) CD Lugo – HD SUSCRIBETE AL MEJOR CANAL HD La Liga | 24-08-2013 | J2 | Liga Adelante 2012/2013 Resumen del partido FC Barcelon…
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Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor has declared himself a Barça fan and has visited members of the first team.


  1. I went to tryout for barcelona.B one time :3 they are a great team :)

  2. a el filial le falta profundidad y los centrocampistas les falta mas visión de juego y solidez defensiva porque hacen errores infantiles en la circulación de balón desde atrás

  3. Joan Roman <3

  4. David Babunski !!!  Давид Бабунски !!!! 😀

  5. Wow victor valdes , pique and villa. Seen ranbir is lucky after all

  6. Barcelona dont NEED any bollywood star for publicy ! bollywood is crap cinema ! barça has Messi the golden boy ; best football player in the whole world 4 times….so who cares about the guys u named !!

  7. shahrukhan too expensive, they took ranbir kapoor. for pub to baça in india.

  8. is ranbir Kapur who know anything about football, have fcb fcb appointed ambassador in India, because India does not know or messi barça, but they know ranbir kapoor, football is not a popular sport in India then instead of bullshitting you before information.

  9. jajajjajajaja, such idiotas….No es “forza barca” its Visca barca, es catalan, not italian noobs… jajajjajajajajajajjajajj, forza used with inter milan

  10. I am from India and big fan of Messi and Barca:-)

  11. Haha Madrid

  12. Siddharth Shankar

    i thought he was an arsenal fan? or maybe just ‘sid’ is an arsenal fan!

  13. Hala MAdrid!

  14. Just bcoz some rajputs are like that doesn’t mean all are bad im a hindu rajput and im not against islam or any other religion. So plz forgive dumb rajputs like RanaRajputana who are tarnishing our name.

  15. an Actor like him is certainly a fan of actors like barca!!

  16. musalman aur rajput ??? lol abey suwar tu arab ki najayaz aulad ha apne aap ko rajput mat bol chutiya

  17. u should blow ur self so that your evil allah can give you 72 virgins

  18. bueno aunque sea del Barça me seguiran gustando todas las peliculas de bollywood que hace i love you Ranbir Kapoor

  19. bahahahahaha :3 Ranbir sux, Barca rockz lml

  20. Ranbir bhai rocks

  21. Ranbir sucks so does barca

  22. This actor sucks.
    Ajith,Suriya and Sharukh Khan is best actors from Indian cinema.

  23. my two world collide -_-

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